Don’t Like A Ragi Ball In Your Lunch Plate? Start Liking As It Is A Powerhouse Of Nutrients

By: Shubham Ghosh

Ragi is something many of us don't know about till we step into South India where it is a common diet ingredient.

The state of Karnataka is the largest producer of the food, which can be easily included in the list of superfoods because of its high nutrition content. There are several health benefits of eating ragi, which we have listed below.

Called as finger millet, Ragi is a hardy cereal which grows in the high altitudes and can survive harsh weather conditions.

A good thing about Ragi is that it can be consumed even in an unrefined form with all its nutrients intact. In Karnataka, Ragi Balls are very popular as a common diet food.

Ragi is very healthy because it contains calcium, iron, protein and many other minerals. Particularly, the low level of unsaturated fat makes Ragi a great choice to eat.

Here are some benefits that Ragi offers to our health, do take a look:


1. A Rich Reserve Of Nutrients:

Ragi contains nutrients that take care of ailments like diabetes, anaemia, osteoporosis, etc. It also gives relief from stress and anxiety.


2. Improves Digestion:

Ragi is a very helpful food for digestion, thanks to its high dietary fibre content. Regular intake of Ragi enables a clear bowel movement and cures problems like constipation.


3. Adds To Bone Strength:

Being a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, Ragi helps in making our bones stronger. This quality makes Ragi a superfood for children and ageing people.


4. Takes Care Of The Skin:

Amino acids in Ragi help in making the skin tissues of our body look more youthful and less prone to wrinkles. The vitamin D content in Ragi gives the body its vitality.


5. Reduces Stress-related Problems:

Tryptophan is an antioxidant which fights free radicals that cause harm. A natural stress buster, Ragi gives relief to those who have high level of anxiety, hypertension and also suffer from frequent headaches and depression. Also, it is a great helping agent against sleep disorders.


6. Controls Diabetes:

The high level of dietary fibre and polyphenols in Ragi help in controlling diabetes. The fibre in it slows down digestion and helps in lowering blood sugar levels. The low GI food makes it a safe food to be consumed late at night.


7. Helps In Reducing Weight:

One of Ragi's big benefits is that it helps in aiding weight loss. While the amino acid (Tryptophan) in Ragi lessens appetite, the high fibre content keeps the stomach full and the low level of unsaturated fats make it an ideal food for those looking to shed some kilos.


8. Lessens Cholesterol Level:

Ragi is a trusted guard against heart ailments and helps bring down cholesterol levels to curb possibilities like stroke and heart disease.


9. Helps In Treating Anaemia:

The iron content in Ragi sprouts aids in improving blood formation in those who are anaemic. Vitamin C present in Ragi raises the level of iron absorbed by the body. No medicine can be an alternative to this healthy natural ingredient to fight anaemia.


10. Improves Lactation In New Mothers:

Ragi is a good source of food for women who have become new mothers. It helps both in improving the production of milk in their body as well as raise the haemoglobin level. Also, the breast milk's nutrition content becomes rich if the mothers include it in their diet, which also helps the baby.

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