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Headaches: Why You Should Not Take Them Lightly

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Headaches are characterized by what causes them, and also by the type of pain, frequency and length. Headaches can be of different types and sometimes indicate serious problems in the human body. Hence they should not be taken lightly.

Most of the headaches that the modern society suffers from is as a result of the modern lifestyle. People who have abnormally high blood pressure levels, are obese or overweight, diabetic or too stressed suffer from headaches.

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what you need to know about headache

People with abnormally low blood pressure levels can also get headaches if the head does not get sufficient oxygen. Smoking can also cause headaches. The chemicals in most cigarettes can be the primary perpetrator of smoke-induced headaches.

what you need to know about headache

Water is important for the proper functioning of every organ within the body. When there is the scarcity of water in the body due to high impact workouts, or consumption of significant quantities of caffeine or alcohol or loose motions, this can be the primary reason for your headache.

what you need to know about headache

Depression is a typical cause of headache, though in several cases, headaches can even trigger depression. In some cases, injury to the head, skull, neck or back causes headaches. Eye strain, bad posture and staying in an awkward position for a prolonged amount of time might put pressure on the same nerves and cause headaches.

what you need to know about headache

Abnormal growths inside the skull will certainly cause a headache as pressure on the brain increases. Headaches can also be caused by tensions, migraines and sinuses. Some people suffer from a throbbing headache which can be caused by high cholesterol levels. Sometimes headaches are also caused as a result of indigestion and gas.

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what you need to know about headache

The tendency is to pop a pill whenever we have a headache. However, if the headaches become chronic, then it should not be taken lightly. The cause should be ascertained and proper medication must be taken.

Some people even resort to massage therapy, herbal treatments, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy and meditation.

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