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Harmful Side Effects Of Diet Pills

By Ajanta Sen

Do you want to lose your weight in no time and are you looking for shortcut ways? Diet supplements and diet pills are undoubtedly the fastest way to lose weight; however, these drugs are not necessarily supported by any clinical research and may come with possible harmful side effects.

The fact is, certain diet pills that make gaudy promises to aid you in chucking out your extra calories may have unknown health hazards.

Studies say that about fifty percent of people who have abnormal eating habits use prescription drugs, herbal supplements or diet pills to shed weight.

However, they may not know what the side effects of diet pills are? Thus, if you are not using diet pills for genuine reasons and under the supervision of a doctor, you may experience harmful side effects of diet pills.

Some diet pills include antidepressants, amphetamines and anti-anxiety medicines that are not only a harmful combination, but they are also very addictive.

So, following are a few harmful side effects of diet pills, which will acquaint you more about the same, have a look. Remember to take these pills on your doctor's advice only.


1. Heart Rate Can Increase

One of the most harmful side effects of diet pills is that they can amplify the level of your heart rate. The diet pills contain stimulants that can increase the risk of heart attack.


2. Diarrhoea

The most dangerous side effect of diet pills is that they can cause diarrhoea and other kinds of intestinal issues.


3. Kidney Problem

The intake of a variety of diet pills may lead to kidney damage and destruction. This is one of the most harmful side effects of diet pills when taken without prescription.


4. Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding is also a threatening side effect of consuming diet pills. This is a condition in which the blood passes through your anus. This kind of bleeding may lead to red blood being found in your stool.


5. Agitation

One of the most horrible side effects of taking diet pills is "Agitation". You may start feeling nervous or anxious even without any reason.


6. Sleeplessness

You can notice a sudden change in your sleeping pattern. You may have restless nights and you may suffer from insomnia if you have been taking diet pills for a long time without any prescription.


7. High Blood Pressure

When you start taking diet pills, you will find a great increase in your blood pressure levels, which is also one of the most harmful side effects of diet pills.


8. An Upset Digestive System

By consuming too much of diet pills in the temptation of getting slim in a flash, you may disturb your own digestive system. This is another damaging side effect of diet pills.


9. Headaches and Migraines

Another negative side effect of consuming diet pills is that you can get severe headaches and even migraines.


10. Liver Damage

The long-term usage of slimming pills or diet pills may lead to liver damage, which is a very precarious side effect of consuming diet pills without a doctor's advice.

Taking slimming pills may seem to be an instant and magical remedy to reduce fat; however, if you don't change your unhealthy eating habits and do regular exercise, you may lose a few calories temporarily; but once you stop the pills, you may gain weight again.

So, instead of going for short-cuts and risky solutions, like diet pills, you should depend more on a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and slim.

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