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Harmful Effects Of Eating Red Meat

By Niharika Choudhary

It's said, 'what you eat is what you are'. And we humans just love to eat!People are vegetarians, non vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, fruitarians, raw foodists, macrobiotic and the list just goes on.

Some people eat to their stomach's content, others to their heart.Then there are different kinds of eaters. Some people are too choosy in what they eat, whereas others can just eat about anything.

Some people like to maintain their diet, whereas others can gobble up an entire feast.

There's a constant debate on whether being a vegetarian or non vegetarian is good. Obviously, both of their connoisseurs have their reasons and beliefs, so we'll leave them in their happy spaces.

However, recently an eating habit has become the reason of concern for dietitians across the globe. Everybody is debating upon the consumption of red meat, to eat it or not has become the bone of contention for many.

The mere imagination of butchering an animal to serve others is enough to make me sick in the stomach. This is simply disgusting and is the reason of animal suffering.

Truly speaking, I am not a big fan of red meat. However, through this article, I would like to divert your concern of this hot topic and discuss its bad effects on your health.


Avoiding Red Meat Is The Key To A Longer Life

Some methods of preparing red meat like charing increase the toxins (nitrosamines) found in it.

This can lead to cancer of the stomach.

According to reports, regular consumption of red meat can eventually shorten your lifespan.

Processed red meat even multiplies this danger to a large extent.


Red Meat Hardens Your Blood Vessels

Atherosclerosis is a condition of hardening and clogging of the arteries.

Carnitine, found in red meat, is a compound that causes atherosclerosis.

Regular consumption of carnitine through red meat converts it to a heart-damaging compound, thus putting you to a major risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Invitation To Type 2 Diabetes

Eating red meat gives an open invitation to type 2 diabetes.

Diet that is rich in animal products increases your chances of becoming obese and puts you to a risk of type 2 diabetes.

Processed meat is the most dangerous.


Can Give You Alzheimer's Disease

According to the scientists, the major cause of getting into the risk of having Alzheimer's can be the proteins called tau and beta-amyloid.

On being consumed through meat, tau and beta-amyloid accumulate in the brain and can either disrupt the nerve cells or kill them.


It Increases The Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Studies have shown that people who consume red or processed meat daily are more prone to the risk of colon and rectum cancer, commonly known as colorectal cancer.

N-nitroso compounds (NOCs) present in red meat add to the multiplication of the cancer cells.

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