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Ganesh Chaturthi: Diabetics Too Could Relish Sweets This Festival

The preparations are in full swing- shopping for the most awaited festival - Ganesh Chaturthi. Right from the decoration items to the choice of ganesha idols and flowers, everyone wants to have the best of it.

Hold your breath! How could any festival go without any sweets. The best part is now even the diabetics can relish the yummy sweets as there are certain sweets which can be made in a healthy way without adding sugar.

In every households variety of sweets are prepared, offered to ganesha and then distributed among family members and relatives. There are few sweets which are the favourite of Lord Ganesha and in every household theseealt sweets are a must to be prepared.

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When it comes to festivals and sweets, people who are diabetic are the ones who seems to be putting on a grim face, as they cannot enjoy the yummy sweets.

But, now they need not worry. A variety of these sweets can be prepared in a diabetic friendly way and are also healthy for the common people as well. Diabetics can now happily relish on the sweets this festival.

Here are few of the best sweets for diabetics. Take a look.

1. Steam Modak:

When it comes to Ganesh Chaturthi, the first thing that comes to our mind is yummy modak. It is one of the favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha. Modaks are prepared using sugar, rice flour, grated coconut, ghee, jaggery and then fried. The modaks are a must have sweets for every household during the ganesh chaturthi. It is first offered to Lord Ganesha and then distributed. But for those who are diabetic, can use moong dal to stuff adding a bit of salt and then steam it. It is not just sugar free but healthy as well.

2. Sesame Seeds & Dates Puranpoli:

Yet another favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha is the puranpoli. It is a must have sweets during the Ganesh Chaturthi. It is prepared at every home and then offered to Lord Ganesha first. It is made using jiggery, grated coconut, wheat flour and then cooked on a heated pan with some oil and ghee. Instead, this polis can be stuffed with sesame seeds and a bit of dates and this can be relished by those who are diabetic. Not just for diabetics but also those who have iron deficiency can benefit from this sweet.

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3. Baked Moong Dal Karanji (Gujjia):

The moment we think of karanj or gujjia, we have that deep fried picture in mind. But instead of stuffing it with sweet ingredients we can use moong dal, dry fruits and saffron to stuff it and this becomes edible for the diabetics as well. Also instead of frying it deep, it can be baked. This it becomes healthy and even the diabetics can enjoy the sweets.

Since sweets are an indispensable part of any festival, so it should be relished by everyone, even the diabetics. So let us make an effort to do little extra and give the festive feel to the diabetics as well.

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