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4 Surprising Low Back Pain Triggers

Posted By: Lekhaka

Even though low back pain is not an incredibly common spinal disorder, it may cause significant distress and pain when it does happen. It could be treated through chiropractic remedy, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and proper medication. There are certain surprising low back pain triggers.

You can become a victim of low back pain if you are tired. This is because when you are physically exhausted and fatigued, your muscles and core strength might not be at their best. This lack of support from your muscles can make your back weak and trigger low back pain. To get relief from low back pain in this case, go for a good night's sleep and rest your body.

what are the reasons for low back pain

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If you feel low back pain early in the morning, do not be alarmed. This can actually be caused by a condition that ends up causing swelling in the disks of the spine with fluids. This leaves the lower back strained and stressed out. In such cases, give yourself some time to recover. With regular movements, your back will recover soon by mid morning.

what are the reasons for low back pain

Low back pain can be triggered by instances when you are distracted and you are doing chores. For example, talking on the phone while on the treadmill can leave you off balanced and cause injury to your lower back. Hence, the best way to stop this kind of back pain from occurring is to stop multi tasking. Concentrate on the task at hand.

what are the reasons for low back pain

Another surprising reason for low back pain is not paying enough attention when lifting loads or during body movements. This is more common in younger people as they are always in a hurry. However, it is not so common in older people as their movement is restricted as a result of their age and also because they are cautious enough not to hurt themselves.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 16:25 [IST]
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