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Foods To Eat For Dinner To Avoid Summer Heat At Night

By Somya Ojha

Most parts of the country, have been reeling under heat waves for the past few weeks.

The scorching heat seems hotter than ever! It's become a struggle to get through the days, and the nights are no better!

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Getting a proper shut-eye is crucial during summer. But most of us end up turning and tossing in the bed.

A variety of factors could be responsible for the sleepless summer nights. Especially the food you consume right before you hit the hay.

Foods and drinks, play a huge role in controlling your body temperature at night.

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The trick to a perfect night's sleep during summer is simple, have light food which is full of nutrients, and keep yourself well-hydrated. So, we've got a list of food items that will help you get a good night's sleep, this summer.


1. Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is an ideal vegetable to beat the heat. Bottle shaped and light green, this vegetable, mostly contains water, which raises your body's water level during the night. Eating this veggie before bed will keep exhaustion at bay and let you get a good night's sleep.


2. Cucumber

This watery vegetable should be an essential part of your dinner, during summer. Cucumber is 96% water and plays a crucial role in flushing away the toxins from the digestive system, which keep you up all night.


3. Pumpkin

Rich in potassium and fiber, pumpkin is known for its cooling properties. It regulates your blood sugar level as well. An ideal food for the season!


4. Ridge Gourd

Also known as Turai, this green vegetable is great for summer. It is particularly good for the stomach and easy to digest. So, have this for dinner to avoid digestion related problems during summer nights.


5. Baked Potato

Easy to make and rich in carbohydrates. This will help you fight the heat exhaustion and make it easier to get a shut-eye.


6. Curd

Curd is high in nutrients and is the richest source of Calcium. Having curd in the night, will let you sleep through the night without any disturbance. This is undeniably one of the cooling food items that should be eaten on a daily basis during the summer season.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day and have light, water-rich food for dinner.

So, eat right and sleep tight!

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Story first published: Thursday, April 14, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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