Why Brain Doctors Ask You To Avoid These Foods

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There are certain foods that are great for our brain. Brain doctors ask us to have certain foods like berries and fish that have been proved to be great for the brain. However, there are certain foods that brain doctors ask us to avoid as these could prove to be harmful for the brain in the long run.

Foods which are bad for the brain may also be bad for the body as they cause mental wellness issues or other issues like dental cavities, type-2 diabetes mellitus as well as heart ailments.

foods bad for brain

Foods that supply the body and mind with little or almost no nutritional value and harm the brain cells are considered as bad brain food. These groups of food lower brain power by nearly killing the brain cells. These have been discussed below.

foods bad for brain

Food additives are substances added to the food to improve their colour, taste, texture as well as durability. For a long time humans have been using chemicals like vinegar, salt and sugar to preserve the food. In the latest years, with the advent of processed foods, there was plenty of adulteration of food with the chemicals. These are bad for the brain.

foods bad for brain

Food chemicals like tartrazine as well as as monosodium glutamate that are added to food items to enhance their flavour have been found to be bad for the brain, especially in case of growing children.

Other food additives like sulphites that are utilized for preserving food cause allergy, dizziness, wheezing and flushing. The yellow dye tartrazinea and chemical benzoate cause urticaria or hives. These are bad for the brain as well.

foods bad for brain

A sugar substitute like aspartame is a hidden item that is being utilized in over five thousand food products like carbonated drinks, kid's medicines, jelly and chewing gums. A combination of the two regular amino acids in aspartame, aspartic acid as well as phenylalanine are bad for the brain.

Fishes that are high in mercury are very bad for the brain as these end up affecting the cerebellum and end up destroying the cognitive power of people.

Foods that contain trans fat are also something that brain doctors ask us to avoid. This is because it damages our memory in the long run.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 3, 2016, 10:46 [IST]
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