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Do Folk Remedies Cure Headache?

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Gulping aspirin whenever you have a headache could be very bad for health. Trying some home remedies is comparatively safer as there will not be any harmful effects.

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Of course, if you are suffering from frequent headaches, it is always better to go to a doctor to get the actual reason diagnosed. Home remedies may not help in sorting out certain chronic issues.

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But on a tiresome day, if you just get a headache out of stress then get rid of it using some simple home remedies.


Remedy #1

Take a potato and slice it. Rub those slices on forehead. After some time, your headache will naturally subside.


Remedy #2

Boil a cup of water and add crushed ginger to it. Allow it to boil for 15 minutes and add some drops of lemon water to it and drink it.


Remedy #3

Crush garlic and rub the paste on your forehead and place a cloth on it. After some time, you might feel better.


Remedy #4

If your headache is due to dehydration, drink 3 glasses of water and see. You may feel better soon.


Remedy #5

Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil for 10 minutes. You will feel better as it enhances blood flow to your scalp.


Remedy #6

Crush a leaf of raw cabbage and smear the leaf over your forehead allowing the liquid to spread on your forehead.


Remedy #7

Add some drops of lemon juice to a cup of black coffee and sip it. You will feel much better in no time.

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