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World Tuberculosis Day: Facts About Tuberculosis

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TB is a lung related disease which is infectious too. According to medical statistics, it is considered as the 2nd most dangerous killer disease in the world. Every year, millions of people either fall ill or die due to TB.

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This disease may occur in any age and in any part of the world. Bacteria called as Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes this disease. And once a person is infected, his cough and sneeze could spread the disease to others through air. It is a contagious disease.

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Currently this disease can be classified into two types: active and latent. When the bacteria stay in a human but in an inactive state then it is known as latent TB. When the bacteria are inactive, they show no symptoms and they don't spread to others. But they can get active any moment. That is when the disease gets worse and even contagious.

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Today, health estimates suggest that nearly 30% of the people in this word do carry latent TB in them. The probability of latent TB becoming active is around 10% but if a person's immunity is weak or if he has the habit of smoking, the probability increases.

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Now, let us know about a few facts about tuberculosis.


Fact #1

Many studies claim that smokers have a higher risk of suffering TB.


Fact #2

Unfortunately, TB is responsible for most of the deaths of women in the age group of 15-44.


Fact #3

The bacteria that cause TB can also gradually develop resistance to the medicines humans use to kill them. That makes them stronger!


Fact #4

Some symptoms of TB like fever, cough and weight loss may go unnoticed for some time during which the disease could spread to others.


Fact #5

It is very important to complete the overall course of antibiotic tablets so that the bacteria will be killed completely. Otherwise, the remnants may develop resistance.


Fact #6

The bacteria that causes TB affects the lungs of a person but sometimes, it also affects heart and kidneys too.


Fact #7

Most of the cases can be treated with medicines if the person is given medical assistance in the early stages itself.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 24, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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