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World Malaria Day: Facts About Malaria

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Malaria is a disease that is spread by a mosquito called anopheles. It is a life-threatening disease. When a mosquito that carries parasites bites a person, the parasites enter the person's body and start destroying blood cells.

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If the disease is detected in its early stages, it can be treated. But when it goes unnoticed or when there aren't medical facilities around, it can become life-threatening disease.

When the parasite first enters the human body, it can stay dormant for a week or two in the liver without showing any symptoms. When the parasite breeds and multiplies, it starts infecting the blood.

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This problem can be caused just by a single mosquito that is infected. The symptoms of malaria include shivering, cold, headache, vomiting, fever, breathing problems, bleeding, impaired consciousness and jaundice.


Fact #1

Certain statistics claim that malaria kills more than half a million people per year all over the world and most of them are kids.


Fact #2

The initial symptoms of malaria are similar to flu. Headache, chills, fever are some symptoms. If it is treated immediately, a person's life can be saved.


Fact #3

This disease is spread when the climate is humid and warm.


Fact #4

In some cases, this disease kills a human just within a span of a day.


Fact #5

If a pregnant woman is infected, the child could also be affected. Also, the infection could cause problems like low birth weight.


Fact #6

This infection is not contagious. Touching an infected person will not spread the infection.


Fact #7

Following certain preventive measures can reduce the risk of malaria infection. Using mosquito nets and getting vaccinations can help.

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