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8 Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cyst That Every Woman Must Know

By Sravia Sivaram

Most of the women out there are not aware of the term ovarian cyst; hence they are not privy to the warning signs of ovarian cyst as well. This article will help you clear any doubts that you have regarding the symptoms of ovarian cyst. The trend is such that many women are affected by polycystic ovary disease.

Ovarian cysts occur when ovaries consists of numerous cysts. These cysts are small in size, but if left untreated can become large and dangerous. In order to prevent these, it is important to understand the warning signs of ovarian cysts.

Most women will experience a cyst in the ovaries at some point of time. These are mostly less and do not cause much symptoms. They are located in the lower abdomen on both sides of the uterus. A cyst is a fluid filled sac that gets developed in one of the ovaries.

If you want to know how to find out ovarian cyst, then this article will assist you in that task. Sometimes ovarian cysts can also turn out be cancerous and these are only found out during routine examinations. Hence it is very important to detect ovarian cysts before it leads to any other complications.

Read further to find out the warning signs of ovarian cysts.


1. Urinating Problems:

It is common to face some difficulty during the time of urination. Sometimes, you may also feel the need for urinating frequently. This is one of the topmost warning signs of ovarian cyst.


2. Painful Menstruation:

You might feel a sharp pain unlike before during the time of menstruation. You might also notice an abnormal bleeding. These can also turn out to be some of the symptoms of ovarian cyst.


3. Painful Intercourse:

Feeling an unusual pain during the time of intercourse is also an indicator of ovarian cyst. Hence it is important that you do not neglect these warning signs.


4. Vomiting:

You will experience continuous vomiting and nausea, and these are some of the frequent warning signs of ovarian cyst.


5. Unexpected Weight Gain:

If you want to know how to check for ovarian cysts at home, sudden and unexpected weight gain is an answer for this. This might not be due to unhealthy eating habits, but maybe due to the presence of ovarian cyst. Hence it is essential that you know the difference.


6. Loss Of Appetite:

Loss of appetite is one of the warning signs of ovarian cyst that you need to be aware of. Apart from this, you might also have a frequent feeling of fullness.


7. Lower Back Pain:

Rapid occurrence of pain in the lower back is also an indicator of the presence of ovarian cyst.


8. Bloating Of The Abdomen:

Pain in the abdomen and bloating are some of the common symptoms of ovarian cyst. If you notice these changes, it is important that you consult the doctor immediately without any delay.

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Story first published: Monday, December 19, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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