Avoid These 8 Foods That Make You More Hungry

Posted By: Lekhaka

We eat food to get the required amount of fuel to keep our body running,but ironically, there aresomefood items that do not make us feel full and rather leave us hungry and crave for more.

These food items lack the necessary nutrients and add zero value to our health, leaving our body dissatisfiedand asking for more food in return.It is best to know about this list of foods that will not do our health any good, so that we can easily avoid it.

These foods are also responsible for us gaining more weight though we may not feel so, as they increase hunger pangs and thereby lead us to gorging on more unhealthy food.

Here, we list eight such foods that leave us hungry instead of fulfilling our stomach:


1. French Fries:

Just a food by name. Frying potatoes in oil and salt makesthem worthless. Use the same potato for baking or boiling and you will gain a lot. If you are really missing potato chips, make use of sweet potato. It will make a huge difference.


2. White Bread:

The junk bread that we often eat at eateries in the form of croissant or white flour bread have little food value. They are made of white flour and fat that give more calories but less satisfaction. Hence,instead of a big white bread, have whole grainproducts for breakfast and it will serve you a lot better.


3. Egg White:

Definitely it is good for health,but eating only the egg white doesn't make one satisfied. Go for the entire egg,as eating it in moderation isn't really bad in terms of saturated fat and cholesterol,asthelatest researches have shown.


4. Low-fat Yogurt:

This has more artificial sweeteners that can increase your blood sugar,but give little satisfaction. Pick instead a cup of full-fat yogurt and fruits and nuts. The more you chew the food, the more it makes you full.


5. Alcohol:

Always something terrible to have. And alcohol not only makes you vulnerable to a great many ailments, it also makes you hungry for junk food. The result is a double trouble for your health.


6. Fruit Juice:

Fruit juice is good,but never as good as the fruit itself because of the lack of fibre. Without the necessary nutrient, the juice can shoot up the blood sugar and bring it down and you turn hungry again in no time.


7. White Rice:

White rice shoots up the blood sugar and then brings it down. As a result,one turns hungry again. Also, overcooking white rice makes it less significant for our health.


8. Soda:

The more soda you have, the more calories you gain. The reason is similar to that of consuming alcohol. Soda makes you hungry and prevents you from feeling full. Soda mixed with sugar makes you to go for even more sweet, which is definitely bad forhealth.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 10, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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