Attention! 8 Foods That Arthritis Patients Should Strictly Avoid

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Consistent pain in the joints which at times gets unbearable and makes you immobile is a major symptom that is visible among those suffering from arthritis. The first thing one could do to prevent this symptom from worsening is to avoid certain foods that might trigger arthritis.

Once diagnosed with arthritis, one might resort to several medications so that the inflammation does not get worse and also one might take up painkillers when one is not able to bear the pain. Along with the pain the joints also become very stiff. Popping in these painkillers gives relief for a brief period of time but it might have certain side effects as well.

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So it is always better to resort to natural treatment measures and as it is fondly said that prevention is better than cure, avoiding a few foods also helps in preventing arthritis.

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Earlier it was just the elderly who used to get arthritis but today even the young adults and teenagers are ailing with arthritis.

Here is a list of 8 foods that need to be strictly avoided by arthritis patients. Take a look.


1. Tomato:

Tomato seeds contain very high amounts of uric acid. When the uric acid gets accumulated in the joints it leads to severe arthritis pain. Hence tomatoes should be strictly avoided.


2. Salt:

Excessive consumption of salt leads to an increase in the joint inflammation and this further aggravates the pain, especially for the ones suffering from arthritis. Hence one should curtail on the amount of salt consumption.


3. Milk:

Milk and milk products are rich in protein and certain types of protein lead to an increase in arthritis pain. Hence, it should be avoided by those suffering from arthritis.


4. Shell Fish:

The uric acid contained in the shell fish are harmful for those suffering from arthritis. It increases the uric acid level in the body which causes severe inflammation and pain in the joints.


5. Sugar:

Excess consumption of sugar and sugar-containing foods leads to an increase in one's weight which in turn puts pressure on the joints and causes joint pains and worsens the symptoms of arthritis.


6. Coffee:

The caffeine contained in the coffee is very bad for those suffering from arthritis. It dehydrates the body and aggravates the pain.


7. Alcohol:

For those suffering from arthritis, alcohol is equally bad as poison. It make the bones brittle and further aggravates the pain around the joints.



The alkaloid content in brinjal is very high and this causes inflammation and can aggravate the joint pains. Hence, this is one food that should be strictly avoided by those suffering from arthritis.

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