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Eat On Time, Eat Healthy & Lose Weight

By Lekhaka

Due to quick ways to life and the differing environment, we are presented with an undesirable eating schedule. We have simple access to processed food, which is low-valued as well as contains loads of calories and destructive additives.

Stress and contamination add to the negative impacts that tend to bolster your weight. Your weight is a straightforward equation of the amount you have eaten and drank; and the amount of that your body has used to fuel your physical exercises.

Many encounter a rumbling sound from the stomach when there is long duration after a meal. This is because of emission of hunger hormone Ghrelin. This flags the need of nourishment to our body to the mid brain.

Instantly we eat whatever we find to fulfil our appetite. The Insulin emitted by the pancreas likewise assumes a crucial part in sending a signal to the brain for the need of energy. The food we eat contains simple starch, protein, fats, etc.

Eat 3 regular balanced meals and 2 healthy snacks with plenty of water and juices every day.

We are not aware, the most of the food we consume is acidic, Oil is acidic, and sugar is acidic. Less pH in the system (acidic) absorbs all energy faster and leaves you very tired. Thus, keeping the diet to neutral or alkaline is the best way to stay energetic throughout the day.

Start the morning with Meditation, Yoga, etc. Break your fast with a natural juice, coriander, or overnight drenched fenugreek water. Take energetic strolling for least 45 minutes. Be exceptionally cognizant on the breakfast table; rather than simple carbohydrate, eggs, omelette, pastries, white bread and direct sugar, change over to whole wheat pasta, multi-grain bread, steamed idli, appam, idiyappam, oats, quinoa, millet.

In between your meals, you could take skimmed buttermilk, salads with carrot, onion and cucumber plates of mixed greens. Add lemon to it. To be more helpful to substitute calorie addition, eat boiled vegetables and organic products every 2 to 3 hours.

For lunch take just two oil-free rotis/chapattis with cooked vegetables or fish with sprouts. Make the most of your evening beverage with green tea with lesser sugar biscuits, rusk. Stroll for at least 45 minutes.

For Dinner, attempt to close it by 7 pm with a similar rundown of alternatives you had for breakfast/lunch, or else lessen your dinner with porridge or an oatmeal. Attempt to practice this eating regimen, some may feel the absence of sleep; however, it will settle down. This can trigger your weight reduction system too.

Continue dealing with your weight utilising computerised weight machine on an everyday basis. Proceeding with this eating routine and weight checking for 3 months would ensure sweeping changes in body weight. So, eat on time, eat healthy, and lose weight.

The writer is Dr Krishna Suresh, Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine.

Story first published: Sunday, November 20, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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