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Do's And Don'ts To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

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There are certain things that you can do and certain things that you should avoid in order to reduce your risk of cancer. You cannot help it if you have it in your genes, but there are certain lifestyle related choices and behavioural changes you can make and reduce your risk of suffering from cancer.

Smoking causes cancer. This is a well known fact. Even you should not become the victim of passive smoking. Smoking causes cancers of the lungs, throat, oesophagus, mouth, pancreas and stomach. So try your best to stay away from this deadly habit and if you smoke, try to quit as soon as possible.

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how to reduce risk of cancer

Always keep your weight in check. Overweight people are most likely to suffer from renal, oesophageal, gall bladder, thyroid, colon and endometrial cancers. Your BMI index should be 25 or less. There are certain substances that cause cancer. Certain chemicals and radiation from X-rays are known to cause cancers of the breast, stomach, skin, lungs and thyroid.

how to reduce risk of cancer

Colon cancer can be prevented if you avoid red meat and follow a plant-based diet. Also avoid processed meat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday and minimize your intake of juices that are full of sugar, sugary drinks, candies, desserts, refined breads, bakery items and fried items.

how to reduce risk of cancer

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how to reduce risk of cancer

After menopause, a lot of women go for hormone replacement therapy. This has proved to be fatal for many women. A lot of women have been found to be suffering from uterine and breast cancer after they went for hormone replacement therapy.

how to reduce risk of cancer
how to reduce risk of cancer

Get your daily dose of exercise everyday if you want to remain cancer free. Exercising helps to flush out toxins from the body and prevents cancers of the colon and breast. If you do not like to exercise, you can always try to go for walks. Also protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun by applying sunscreens and prevent cancer of the skin.

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Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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