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Do You Know What Causes Gout?

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Gout is one type of arthritis that causes irritation, pain, soreness and swelling of the joints, also reducing their flexibility. It mainly affects the joints of the lower body limbs, like toes, heels, ankles and knees; however, it may also affect the joints of the upper part of the body. Gout occasionally affects soft tissues like muscles and tendons, causing swelling and stiffness.

There are various factors that lead to the occurrence and the growth of gout, like genetic predisposition to the illness, renal diseases, improper diet and lack of appropriate exercise. Among all these causes of gout, the amount and the kind of food consumed appear to play a critical role.

causes of gout

Today, a lot of people suffer from gout as a result of a wrong diet, unaware of the harm that some foods cause to the body. Regardless of foods that cause gout, another essential aspect in the progression of the disease is obesity.

Gout is principally due to the crystallization of the material called uric acid in the blood stream, causing arteries to block. When in excess, these crystals can cause a lot of damage. Uric acid is a residual item formed by purine.

Purine is a material that is found in fatty meats, fish, some milk products and vegetables. Foods that cause gout are full of unhealthy fats and purines, consequently contributing to the excessive formation of the crystals. Among the foods that result in gout, the most dangerous are considered to be red meats and some fish.

causes of gout

Beef, pork, lamb and sea food should be avoided when struggling with gout. Healthy people must control their consumption of such foods so as to prevent the occurrence of gout. Other foods like poultry, low dairy, grains, green fruits and veggies are well tolerated by individuals who suffer from gout.

In order to treat the signs of gout, foods that cause gout must be excluded from the diet in support of healthful food. The intake of alcohol must be reduced, as it increases the quantity of the crystals produced by the body.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 23, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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