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7 Common Things In Your House That Can Damage Your Lungs!

What do you do when you notice the initial symptoms of a disorder? You usually blame it on the pollution or your lifestyle, right?

Well, it is human tendency to not notice certain harmful things that are around us, which could be causing harm to our health.

The pair of human lungs are vital organs, whose function is to filter out the carbon-dioxide from the air that we breathe in, before it enters our bloodstream.

If the lungs are not functioning well or if they are damaged, then the entire respiratory function is affected, putting the person in serious risk of disorders, some of which could be fatal.

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Now, we see a lot of advertisements and warnings everywhere that tell us how smoking cigarettes or exposure to pollution can cause extreme damage to the lungs.

However, there could be a few things right in our homes that could be affecting our lungs negatively.

Here is a list of things in our houses that can cause lung-damage, have a look!


1. Bleach

Bleaching liquids that contain chlorine or ammonia, used to clean the flood, bathrooms, etc can cause affect the cells of the lungs, when inhaled and can also cause asthma!


2. Carpets

Carpets, especially thick, plush ones can trap a lot of microbes and dust particles in them, so if you do not clean them out regularly, you might be at the risk of respiratory disorders and lung damage.


3. Wooden Furniture

Old wooden furniture, with a lot of carvings and details can also trap a lot of dust and can cause allergies, respiratory ailments and in extreme cases, lung damage.


4. Vaccum Cleaners

Yes, the dust collected in the vaccum cleaners can also get into your respiratory tract and cause lung damage, while you are clearing it out.


5. Mold

Mold that grown on your walls, in the bathrooms, etc, contains a lot of harmful microbes that can lead to sever respiratory allergies, which could lead to lung damage and asthma.


6. Pesticides

If you use too many pesticides in order to keep your home free of insects, then you could be putting yourself at the risk of lung diseases, as the chemicals in the pesticides can be toxic.


7. Paint

Paint contains a high level of toxic chemicals and carcinogens, so if you are exposed to fresh paint at your house too often, then there could be chances of lung damage.

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