These Common Habits That Damage The Kidneys

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Kidneys are vital organs to filter the waste products from our body through the urine. It maintains a proper fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Kidneys go through a lot of strain as almost all the toxins that enter the body come to it form getting removed.

Kidney also retains the important substances that come to it for excretion such as glucose, blood cells, some vitamins and minerals.

However, if important substances are excreted in the urine, it means that there is some problem with the kidneys either or these substances are in excess in the blood.

For example when blood sugar is present in large amounts in the blood, in case of diabetes then the glucose will be excreted with the urine. In normal cases, however, glucose can't be excreted in the urine.

Our urine may show up many ailments in the body by a simple examination even any kidney issues. Since kidneys do a lot of work in filtering the harmful substances from the body, we must look after them a lot.

Here are some habits that damage the kidneys.


Not Urinating Early

When there is an urgency to urinate, you must do it as early as possible as retaining urine in your bladder puts a urine pressure on your kidneys and may lead to kidney failure.


Eating Excess Of Salt

Consuming too much sodium increases your blood pressure which puts a pressure on the kidneys. People suffering from high blood pressure should go for a kidney check as the first to get affected by high blood pressure are the kidneys.


Drinking Excess Of Soft Drinks Or Coffee

Coffee and soft drinks contain a lot of caffeine which damages your kidneys. It causes a sharp rise in blood pressure which can put strain on the kidneys.


Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep helps in repair and regeneration of kidney tissues. Not getting enough sleep or having sleep disturbances may have a direct effect on the kidneys. Research has shown that sleep interruptions result in kidney failure.


Not Drinking Water

Most people do not drink enough water, this causes the retention of some toxic chemicals in the kidneys causing their damage. These toxins then get accumulated in the blood and can damage other organs. Therefore, you must drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins.


Deficiency Of Vitamin B6

Research has shown that vitamin B6 is important for the function of kidneys. Its deficiency can increase the risk of kidney stones. You must eat foods rich in vitamin B6 such as chickpeas, liver fruits (that are not citrus), starchy vegetables such as potatoes etc.


Deficiency Of Magnesium

This mineral is also important for your kidneys. Magnesium helps in the proper absorption and distribution of calcium in the body. If we take take magnesium then calcium will get deposited in the kidneys resulting in kidney stones.


Consuming Too Much Caffeine

You often consume more caffeine than you think we do. Caffeine is present in many soft drinks and sodas, energy drinks and coffee. Your blood pressure will get raised due to excessive caffeine and your kidneys will be at risk. You must


Pain-killer abuse

Sometimes you take medications too frequently and in too big doses. When pain occurs, it's so easy to just swallow the pill. But, you should think twice. All pharmaceutical drugs come with side effects, and many cause


Too Much Protein

According to a research taking too much protein in your diet can harm the kidneys. The by product of protein digestion is ammonia. It is a toxin that your kidneys need to neutralize. More protein means more effort for the kidneys, which which can lead to decreased function of kidneys.


Not Treating Common Infections

Quickly And Properly You sometimes ignore simple colds. You force your body for work and don't take proper rest. That can cause kidney damage. Studies have shown that people who are unwilling to rest and heal properly, often end up with kidney diseases


Too much alcohol consumption

The toxins found in alcohol not only damage the liver, but also your kidneys. This will increase the work load on your kidneys and they will get damaged slowly. One way to avoid kidney disease is to drink alcohol in moderation.



Smoking has been linked to arthrosclerosis. The narrowing and hardening of blood vessels affects the blood supply to all vital organs, including the kidneys. According to the study, two cigarettes a day are enough to double the number of endothelial cells present in your blood. This is a signal of arterial damage.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 11:14 [IST]
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