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8 Common Causes Of Mouth Ulcers

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Mouth ulcers are the small round white patches with a red lining around it that just pop up anywhere inside your mouth. Few of them get it around their cheeks, under the tongue, around the tongue, around the gums, etc., and mind you they are terribly painful.

Mouth ulcers also affect our day-to-day activities. It makes eating, drinking and talking extremely difficult for us, especially if the ulcer is a big one.

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There are minor smaller ulcers which heal in about 5-10 days and those bigger major ones which are more painful than the minor ones and take about a month to heal.

Yet another variety of mouth ulcers is the herpetiform ulcers. These kind of mouth ulcers erupt due to herpes simplex infection and come up in large numbers, about 50-60 small ulcers. They are very painful and almost paralyse our mouth activities. It is more commonly seen among women.

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Most of us tend to take these mouth uclers casually and ignore its causes. But it needs to be checked properly as sometimes it might be as a result of several health-related issues which we might be having but are unaware of.

Today at Boldsky, we bring to you the major causes for mouth ulcers, which you need to be aware of. The next time you have mouth ulcers, think of these casual factors and get it checked. Have a look at 8 common casues for mouth ulcers:


1. Hormonal Imbalance:

Mouth ulcers are caused when there is an imbalance in the hormones. Women especially tend to develop mouth ulcers just before and during their menstruation.


2. Stress:

In many cases when there is stress and anxiety, people get mouth ulcers. Also, at times when a person is upset they get mouth ulcers.


3. Herpes simplex infections:

Herpes simplex is a contagious virus that can be transmitted from one perosn to another directly. This spreads while eating from the same plate with the person having the herpes simplex virus or sharing lip balms and kissing.


4. Allergy With Certain Food:

If people are allergic to certain food, they develop mouth ulcers. Among some people if they eat too much of spicy foods they develop mouth ulcers. Hence, you need to keep a check on the food that you eat.


5. Anaemia:

Anaemia is caused by deficiency in the iron level. Anaemia causes sores and ulcers in the mouth and it also causes dryness around the mouth and throat.


6. Poor Dental Health:

Certain mouth ulcers which occur around the gums are due to poor dental health. Of all the other forms of mouth ulcers, the ones around the gums are most painful.


7. Nutrition Deficiencies:

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining our overall health. When there are deficiencies in nutrition like vitamin B12, vitamin C and iron, it leads to mouth ulcers.


8. Poor Bowel Movement:

When one develops mouth ulcers it is also a sign that one's bowel is not clear. If the mouth ulcers do not heal within a week a two, it needs to be checked.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 11:45 [IST]
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