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Colour Of Your Nails Say A Lot About Your Health

By: Niharika Choudhary

We all love painting our nails and toes with different colours and hues, pinks and reds, black and blues, bling or mat, awesome nail arts or the just classic French manicure. Be it young girls, ladies or elderly women, we all like a lovely pop of colours on our fingertips, don't we?

Nail art curators and Nail art studios are doing great business these days. The vogue of fascinating nail art is so huge that film stars and celebrities hire personal nail artists to stay trendy all the time.

Nail art has emerged as a flourishing career, thanks to the desire of looking fabulous from tip to toe all day long.

We all take time to paint our nails, but how often do we take out time to check our nails without nail paint?

The next time you remove your nail paint to apply a new one, just remember an advise, leave your nails without any paint for at least two days. Yes, it's surely going to help you in the long run.

Did you know that your nails tell a lot about your health? Any kind of an indication, whether it's a white or black patch, fine lines or a tinge of yellow or blue colour, it's time you must visit your doctor in case you notice any such indications.

So, read on to know what are the kinds of nail conditions that you need to take care of:


Have Your Nails Turned Thick and Yellow?

If you notice that your nails have turned yellow, they appear thick and their growth has slowed down, it's time you get your lungs diagnosed ASAP. This is an indication that you may have developed the yellow nail syndrome. It's a condition which means you have fluid in your nails and are prone to lung diseases like emphysema or chronic bronchitis.


Your Nails Have Turned Brittle And Thin

Your nails break at the slightest whiff. They look too dry and lifeless and the condition worsens during winters. This means you need to get yourself diagnosed for thyroid disorder. High level of thyroid can even detach your nail from its root.


Your Nails Look Pale With White Areas

This type of a nail indicates a low level of red blood cells (RBCs). It definitely means that it's time to load yourself with food that is high in iron content. Deficiency in the RBC count can lead you to diseases like diabetes, liver diseases, overactive thyroid and even heart failure. The white areas on the nails are called leukonychia.


Dark Or Blue Nails

Dark or blue nails indicate that you need to be on your toes and see your doctor this evening. Dark nails mean you have a lack of airflow and not getting enough oxygen supply to your body parts. This condition is called Raynaud's disease, which is caused by respiratory diseases or a vascular problem.


Lifted Or Pitted Or Dented Nails

This means you are suffering from psoriasis. You see your nails start to split or see an irregular nail surface. This is most commonly seen in the toenails. This condition can further lead to inflammatory arthritis or a thyroid disease.


Do You Have Red Nail Beds?

This should be a real concern for you, as your heart is at risk. It's time you go for a heart checkup before it's too late. This could be the advent of some fatal heart condition in your body.


Do You See Lines On Your Nails?

These fine lines on your nails are called Beau's lines. It's time that you de-stress because this is a sign of stress. This is also a sign of an acute kidney disease. These lines might also appear at the time of a severe illness or an injury as an after-effect.


White Cloudy Patches On Your Nails

According to the doctors, the cloudy white patches that sometimes appear on fingernails and toenails do not fall into any of the other categories mentioned in this list, they are a sign of a lack of calcium and aren't a cause for concern. You can always fulfill your calcium deficiency. Do note that these patches fade away with time.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 21, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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