Can Vitamin C Actually Prevent Common Cold?

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Do you suffer from common cold quite often? If yes, then you might have been advised to up your vitamin C intake, right? Well, can vitamin C actually treat common cold?

Common cold is one of the most prevalent ailments among people all over the globe, regardless of gender and age.

Research studies have claimed that an average person is affected by common cold and flu, at least twice a year, at the least, of course, depending on the strength of their immune system.

can vitamin C prevent common cold

Although, developing a common cold may not seem like a big deal, as it is not a life-threatening ailment, it can surely cause a lot of discomfort to the person.

A common cold can be caused due to various reasons, such as, viral infections, bacterial infections, sinusitis, spending too much time in dust, pollution and air-conditioning, etc.

Some of the symptoms of a common cold include, irritability in the respiratory tract, the nasal tract being blocked by mucous, constant sneezing, headaches, coughing, etc.

So, is vitamin C really good to treat common cold? Let us find out.

can vitamin C prevent common cold

What Is Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is a nutrient, or an antioxidant to be more specific, which has the ability to increase the production of new cells in the body.

And as we know, the production of new, healthier cells can boost our immunity to a great extent.

In addition, vitamin C can also enable the body to absorb the immune system-friendly cells much quickly.

So, experts have found that when the right dose of vitamin C is administered to a person suffering from common cold, it can actually reduce the symptoms by boosting your immunity.

can vitamin C prevent common cold

Also, consuming foods rich in vitamin C content, such as, citrus fruits, berries, etc, can also help prevent the attack of common cold.

When you add vitamin C rich foods to your diet on a daily basis, the chances of be attacked by common cold is reduced by more than 45%, is what experts have claimed!

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Story first published: Sunday, December 18, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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