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Breast Cancer: What Happens Next?

Posted By: Staff

Breast cancer is a disease that every woman is scared about. The survival rate depends on the stage at which it is detected.

Also, at times it can be physically and emotionally tough for the women as it sometimes results in the removal of one of the breasts. Hence, it is always advised that women go for regular breast examinations.

After a woman has been detected with breast cancer, she goes through the necessary treatments in order to cure it. After her treatment has been successful, she should not sit back and forget about it, as breast cancer has been seen to return in a number of cases.

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Breast Cancer: What Happens Next?

Hence, women after going through the necessary surgeries and treatments should keep visiting their doctors for check-ups.

They should also go through regular screenings to detect whether the cancer is coming back or not. However, there are certain things they should be prepared for during this time.

There can be aches and pains in the muscles and joints in the arms and the chest where these women have received treatment to cure breast cancer. In order to get relief, one may be advised lifestyle changes, a new exercise regime and more sleep and rest.

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Chemotherapy can cause vaginal dryness and reduced sexual drive in many women. They should discuss this with their doctor and take appropriate treatment. Many women develop a condition known as lymph edema.

Breast Cancer: What Happens Next?

This involves the development of fluids in the arm where the surgery was conducted. This should be treated immediately.

Many women can also suffer from infections in the area where the surgery has been conducted. These can cause redness, warmth, pain and fever in the patients. These should be treated as soon as possible or it can prove to be fatal.

Some women also find it difficult to concentrate, remember certain things and multi-task. In some women, it lasts for a year. However, if the symptoms continue, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Story first published: Sunday, August 14, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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