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Beware! Never Eat These 10 Foods Again

As petrol is essential to run a car, similarly food is also equally important for the proper functioning of the human body. But choosing the correct food is again very important. One should never eat foods that are unhealthy.

With the ever growing competition and fast-paced lifestyle, our needs have undergone a series of changes. Even the foods that we chose to eat these days are causing a bad effect on our health.

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Having good nutritious food is highly essential to keep yourself away from chronic diseases, to maintain a good healthy weight and also for your overall well being. It is important to keep yourself away from foods that are harmful for your body.

You might find some good fancy place serving burgers, diet soda and deep fried foods and you get in and enjoy the food. But do you know the consequences it might have on your health?

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Hence, one should be very careful while choosing the food that you eat.

Today at Boldsky we have listed 10 foods which are bad for our health and hence we should avoid eating them. Take a look.


1. Microwave Popcorn:

We might love to munch on the buttery smelling popcorn as we enjoy the movie but this is one food which is bad for our health. It is the chemical called diacetyl which gives this buttery smell and flavour and this one is known to cause severe lung disease.


2. Diet Soda:

Diet soda is filled with artificial sweetners like aspartame and cyclamate. These ingredients are known to increase the risk of diabetes, depression and also preterm deliveries and are harmful for our body.


3. Processed Meats:

Unlike the fresh meats, the processed meats contain several compounds that have been used so that the meat stays fresh for a longer period of time. The processed meats undergo salting, smoking, drying and canning and the compounds used for these processes are harmful for our health, especially for high blood pressure, heart disease and also cancer.


4. Deep Fried Foods:

Deep fried foods are unhealthy. Foods that are fried at high temperatures contain acrylamide, a well known carcinogen. It increases the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, obesity and cancer as well.



You might be enjoying dipping your all time favourite french fries in ketchup and relishing it. But this comes in with a lot of health risks and is unhealthy. The ketchup is filled with artificial flavouring and preservatives which make it tasty but this at the same time adds calories, cholesterol and fats which increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.


6. Soy Sauce:

Soy sauce is one food that is bad for our health. It contains a lot of salt and sodium and this leads to a lot of health risks like thyroid, cancer and neurological problems.


7.Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks are high in caffeine content and also contain other compounds which affect the balance of salt in the body. This leads to an increase in the blood pressure and also the heart rate.


8. Burgers:

Burger is one of the foods that are unhealthy. It is high in cholesterol and fats and leads to weight gain and also increase in the blood pressure.


9.Packaged Fruit Juices:

We might think that packaged fruit juices are equal to fresh fruit juices. But sadly this is not the case. The fruit juices are boiled and filtered before packaging and added with artificial sweeteners and colours which are bad for our health. The vitamins, essential fibre and antioxidant contents are lost in the process.


10. Multigrain Bread:

The multigrain bread that we think are healthy are not so healthy. It does not contain whole grains and is bad for those who have fluctuating sugar levels.

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