Are You Suffering From Bad Breath Due To Bacteria?

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Bad breath or chronic halitosis, also known as halitosis, is quite distressing for all those that suffer from it, and can also be disagreeable for all those that reside and work with them. If you noticed people step back whenever you talk to them, then you certainly need help.

Bad or unclean tooth has been blamed for bad breath but it continues to be a myth, and long-term halitosis has little to do with the set of your teeth. Sure, if your tooth are really bad, your breath will not be sweet, but it will get better after some dental work.

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So what is the primary reason for that stinking breath that people can smell from yards away? It is bacteria and it is not the bacteria your toothbrush is designed to remove. These are bacteria that reside on your tooth and gingiva that covert sugar to acids.

reasons for bad breath

The bacteria that cause chronic halitosis are what are known as anaerobic bacteria, bacteria that flourish in the absence of oxygen. These microorganisms reside in fissures deep in your mouth and cheeks where there is no oxygen, at least not enough to discourage anaerobic bacteria.

reasons for bad breath

They produce harmful waste products called volatile sulfur compounds that actually smell very bad. A white coating on your tongue may indicate that you have an extremely serious infestation of those bacteria, despite the fact that you do not need a lot to give you long-term halitosis.

reasons for bad breath

The growth of anaerobic bacteria may be caused by a dry mouth, where there is very little saliva that can help to destroy them. Excess alcohol, smoking and sleeping with your mouth open may all cause a horrible smell to emanate from your own mouth in the morning.

Ordinary toothpastes and mouthwashes will not help you to get rid of anaerobic bacteria. Visit a dentist and get guidance as to how to get rid of foul smell emanating from your mouth.

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