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Are You A Compulsive Eater? Follow These 5 Tips To Stop Overeating

By: Shubham Ghosh

We are emotionally attached with food. Thanks to the fact that we are nurtured with food from the time of birth, it becomes almost the biggest important thing in our lives apart from the fact that it is a must use fuel for our body to function.

But for many, food becomes an emotional compulsion and they end up overeating, which also causes the detriment of their health.

Some of the people who overeat are affected with a clinical disorder called binge-eating disorder. They compulsively eat in a huge quantity in a short period and feel guilty afterwards. And they do this over a period of time.

Tips To Overcome Overeating

There are also others who eat in a big quantity throughout the day or when they feel emotionally down.

How Does This Habit Begin?
There are people who start overeating as a result of a bad habit like sitting in front of the TV and munching on junk food; while for many others, an emotional problem is the main cause for this disorder.

Another group of people get affected by this after they begin controlling their diet. When they find maintaining the diet difficult after a point of time, they switch over to 'bad' foods and eventually get caught in the cycle of restriction and overeating.

Tips To Overcome Overeating

Food Addiction
Yes, the term 'food addiction' has become a popular one with scientists now. They have found that some foods having a high content of sugar, fat and salt cause some changes in the brain - something similar to drugs.

And this gives birth to a kind of dependency on such foods. For other scientists, "eating addiction" is a more accepted term than "food addiction".

Therefore, tips to restrict yourself from being a compulsive eater are as listed below. Follow these tips to overcome the problem of overeating:

Tips To Overcome Overeating

1. Seeking Help: It might not be easy to get rid of the problem on your own, especially if it is caused by emotional stress. Take help of a counsellor in this case to detect the reasons for overeating.

2. Question Yourself: If you are having a deep craving for a particular food, ask yourself whether you are really hungry. Eat food only when your senses ask you to and not because of compulsion.

3. Love Yourself: Give up the feelings of guilt and self-cursing. If you blame yourself for the 'food addiction', you are actually doing your mission to solve the problem no good.

Tips To Overcome Overeating

4. Don't Restrict Yourself: If you are restricting yourself too much by going for a diet, you will eventually fall back on unhealthy eating as natural human instincts. So, don't deprive yourself.

5. There Is No 'Good' Or 'Bad' Food: Don't give your food the label of a villain and try to hate it. If you are becoming too subjective in your approach to foods, as if you are fighting an evil, things could get worse for you. Treat a food as a food and if you have eaten up a food which offers little nutritional help, engage in physical activities, so that your body balances it out.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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