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Amazing Ways To Treat Foot Blisters

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Foot blisters affect many individuals every year and may be both painful and unsightly.
These may have a wide range of originating causes. The friction against the skin from the shoe, abrasive socks or hosiery are cases. They are able to develop on any part of the foot, even the sides of the toes. A certain culprit may be a pair of new leather shoes.

Runners, walkers and rollerbladers have a tendency to get more blisters than people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle. All that foot motion and pounding may cause the legs to swell and perspiration inside the shoe are perfect conditions for giving rise to blisters.

Amazing Ways To Treat Foot Blisters

Frequently, you can, in fact, feel when a blister is starting to form. These whitish pockets of skin filled with a clear liquid could make walking intolerable. It is fair to say there are different schools of thought as to whether to pop a blister or not.

Some suggest leaving it alone. Wash the region and swab it with alcohol or iodine, then cover with an adhesive bandage. This eliminates the source of friction and nature may be allowed to take its course.

Other doctors and sports injury practitioners advocate popping the blister, especially in case it is a big one, as this will help faster healing. To open a blister, first wash and dry the base completely. Swab the blister with alcohol or any other disinfectant and after that cautiously puncture the edge with a fire sterilized needle or razor blade. Now drain the fluid, but do not peel off any skin.

Amazing Ways To Treat Foot Blisters

Apply a bandage, but remove during the night to allow the blister a chance to breathe and dry out. Re-apply a bandage in the morning after you shower. If it stays damp, healing is delayed and infection may set in.

Remember, do not attempt self treatment if you are a diabetic or have circulatory problems. Seek the advice of a doctor.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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