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Amazing Reasons Why You Should Hug

By Debdatta Mazumder

You all know 14th February is of course the Valentine's Day. All the days in that week are dedicated to love and thus, you celebrate Hug Day on 12th February. A day is dedicated only to hugging your loved ones!

So, this is really important. Whenever your dear ones hug you, you feel happier and safe. When your mother hugs you tightly as you get up in perspiration after having a nightmare, you feel relieved.

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Your father's hug after seeing your good result makes you feel proud about yourself. And when your beloved hugs you, you feel on top of the world. So, why do you always feel positive after a hug? Are there any health benefits of hugging?

Actually, yes, there are. After lots of scientific researches, it has been proved that there are some reasons why you need to hug often. It is such a solution of your problems that only will give you positive vibes.

It can rejuvenate your senses and make you feel good. Not only for your mental health, but there are also some health benefits of hugging.

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According to a popular study, we all need 4 hugs in a day to survive, 8 hugs in a day to maintain health and 12 hugs in a day to help in growth and development.

So, the more you hug your dear ones and be hugged, the more your energy will boost up. Here are some reasons why you need to hug and be hugged. Read on to know more.


1. It Boosts Immunity:

Tight heart-to-heart hug relieves stress and boosts up your immunity. Thus, you can prevent diseases. Not only that, but hugging also helps in reducing pain, energises people dealing with cancer and also assists pre-mature babies to grow normally.


2. Builds An Open Communication:

Hugging is such a nurturing touch that makes you open up to your loved ones; and once they hug you, you feel like sharing everything that disturbs your mind. It gives you a sense of safety and, thus, you can be more communicative.


3. You Feel Good:

Health benefits of hugging are numerous. When you are hugged, a "feel good" chemical is released in the brain known as Oxytocin. It is a neuropeptide that makes you feel loved and trusted. Overall, you feel good when you are hugged.


4. It Rejuvenates Your Self-Esteem:

This is a proved fact, especially in case of children. When you hug kids, they feel loved and worthy of your attention. This builds self-esteem in them, which helps them to grow as a proper human being. In the future, this self-esteem will help them in many ways.


5. Elevates Your Mood:

This is one of the best reasons why you need a hug. When you are disturbed and your dear ones hug you, you feel happy and forget your tension. This happens because hugging boosts up the serotonin level (the level of happy hormone).


6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure:

Along with giving the medicine, hug your parents every day. It will keep their blood pressure level under control. When you touch them lovingly, the pressure receptors become activated by the sensation and send signals to the Vagus nerves that are responsible for lowering high BP.


7. Improves Your Patience:

What are the other reasons why you need a hug? People are too busy nowadays. No one has the time to wait and listen to the other. In this hectic world, if you hug your loved ones and touch them passionately, it will make both of you patient and help deal with any problems in a smooth way.


8. Good For Your Heart:

Scientific researches have proved that a warm and tight hug keeps the heartbeat normal and, thus, takes a good care of your heart. Consider it as one of the most important reasons why you need a hug.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 2, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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