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Amazing Health Benefits Of Sabja Seeds

By: Rima Chowdhary

Many of us are unaware of the health benefits of Sabja seeds, all we know is that they can make our drink taste delicious and appetising.

Sabja seeds are basil seeds which are generally used in the summer season. Sabja seeds are often confused with Chia seeds due to their similar appearance.

Owing to its cooling properties, Sabja seeds can be added to any assorted drink and cold food items. Initially originated from Asia and Africa, Sabja seeds reached India in the 1600's.

Recently, Sabja seeds are declared to be one of the healthiest foods in the market and here we mention some of the health benefits of these miraculous Sabja seeds to you. Read on!

health benefits of sabja seeds

1. Aids In Weight Loss
It is said that Sabja seeds aid in weight loss. These seeds contain a high amount of fibre that helps to keep your stomach filled and also it helps curbing hunger pangs. Consuming Sabja seeds avoids overeating and promotes the feeling of fullness. Drinking one glass of water with Sabja seeds can help to keep you refreshed and also make you attain your weight loss goal.

health benefits of sabja seeds

2. Helps Treat Acidity Problem
Not only Sabja is good for weight loss, but it also helps to treat acidity problems. Sabja contains cooling and relaxing elements that can help calm the digestion issues in a person. Take one cup of milk and add some Sabja seeds to it. Keep it in the refrigerator for some time and consume it before going to bed.

health benefits of sabja seeds

3. Treats Diabetes
Latest studies suggested that Sabja seeds can also be used to treat diabetes. Curing two types of diabetes, Sabja seeds help to bring down the level of sugar in the blood. Take one spoon of soaked Sabja seeds and add it to milk. Now, add some vanilla flavour for taste and drink it every day.

health benefits of sabja seeds

4. Constipation
By cleaning the inner stomach problems, Sabja seeds also facilitate to treat the problem of constipation. It helps to improve the bowel moment in the body and also aids in flushing out the toxins from the body. Take some Sabja seeds with milk or with water before going to bed. Drinking Sabja seeds with lemon water before going to bed helps to give you deep sleep and also treats insomnia.

5. Detoxifying Agent
It is said that basil seeds work as a purifying agent which helps to purify blood and also lessens vomiting and nausea. If a person suffers from nausea, he should include Sabja seeds in his daily meal. One spoon of Sabja seeds with milk or water or in any other form can help to detoxify the blood and avoid nausea in a person.

health benefits of sabja seeds

6. Anti-inflammatory Properties
Sabja seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which mean it helps to relieve all kinds of pain and inflammation in the body. It helps to treat swelling in case of arthritis and also reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. It is said that as it reduces the cholesterol level in the body, it further decreases the risk of heart diseases in a person.

7. As A Cooling Agent
What made Sabja popular in recent years is its excessive use during summer days. When all the cooling agents failed to work, Sabja seeds proved to be a winner. Sabja seeds contain a cooling agent that helps to lower the heat in the body. This is the reason why Sabja seeds are taken along with various cool desserts and drinks during the summer season.

health benefits of sabja seeds

8. Relieves Stress
Did you know that consuming Sabja seeds can promote happy life? Yes, this is because consuming Sabja seeds aids in relieving stress in a person and also reduces the anxiety level.

It is said that consuming Sabja seeds can alleviate mental stress, fatigue, migraine and also fight depression effectively.

health benefits of sabja seeds

Different Names Of Sabja Or Basil Seeds

There are different names of Sabja seeds and if you are finding it difficult to recognise these seeds, here is a short guide that can help you out.

• Sabja is called Sabzah, sabja in Hindi.
• Sabja is called Baburi in Punjabi.
• Sabja is called Vebudipatri in Telugu.
• Sabja is called Kala pingain, Ramtulsi, Tirunutpatchi and Kamkasturi in Tamil.
• Sabja is called Hazbo in Kashmiri.
• Sabja is called Tukhmalanga in Urdu.
• Sabja is called Tulsi in Oriya and Bengali.
• Sabja is called Tirunitru in Malayalam.
• Sabja is called Sabajhi in Sindhi.

health benefits of sabja seeds

Side Effects Of Consuming Sabja In Excess Quantity

Sabja should be consumed in moderate quantities, as the seeds may get choked due to an improper balance of water and seeds. Due to its sticky texture, if the seeds get choked, it becomes very difficult to breathe properly.

Important: A pregnant woman should avoid consuming Sabja seeds, as it may reduce the level of oestrogens in her body.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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