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Actual Causes For A Brain Tumour

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Human life is an adventurous journey. You never know what is waiting for you in the next minute. And when someone gets hit by some big bumps, those can be life-taking experiences. If that person makes a comeback, there is nothing better than that.

Brain tumour is also like those big bumps of life that can give you a sudden jerk. What is the main cause for a brain tumour? Before discussing this, you should know about the basics and causes for a brain tumour. A brain tumour is the deposition of abnormal cells in the human brain.

Generally, brain tumours are of two types. One is cancerous, which is malignant, and the other is benign, which means it won’t spread. Still, your skull is a little space for any intruder. So, any benign tumour can hamper the function of your brain as well as the body.

The main cause for a brain tumour can be any genetic disease. If you thought that this devil only attacks adults, you are wrong. Medical studies have shown that there are almost four different types of brain tumours that can bring a child’s health to the edge.

Why not pay some attention to the basics and causes of a brain tumour.


1.Genetic Diseases:

It can be the main cause for a brain tumour. If you have the symptoms of Turcot syndrome or neurofibromatosis, you're at a higher risk of developing brain tumours.


2.Exposure To Radiation:

The basics and causes for brain tumours must include this one. Any radiation treatment, whether it is for any other part of your body, can increase the chances of you developing brain tumours.


3.Cancer At Other Body Parts:

Secondary tumours in the brain can be a result of the expansion of cancerous cells of other body parts to the brain. A patient of cancer (breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, etc) is more prone to brain tumours.


4.Age Factor:

It is very true that, in some cases, children are also exposed to brain tumours. But, mainly, it is an ailment that happens to the adults. The risk increases as you grow older. Meningiomas is a common type of a brain tumour that occurs mainly in women.


5.Radiation From Household Materials:

While discussing about the basics and causes for brain tumours, you need to be aware of these household materials that are responsible for electromagnetic fields and radiation.

The mobile phones, microwave ovens and the regular power lines are responsible for it.


6.Family History:

Are you looking for the basics and causes for a brain tumour? Do you have any family history of this? Then the risk can increase to a great extent. In this case, you should talk to a neurologist before it is too late.

Now, you have some idea about brain tumours. How will you understand that there is something cooking inside your brain? What are the common symptoms of developing brain tumours? If you have severe headaches that increase gradually, if you have a vision problem, feeling of nausea, hearing problems, speech difficulties, even any changes in personality or behaviour, you should not wait any longer.

Also, don't go for a self-medication. Consult a physician and find out the actual reasons if you face any such symptoms.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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