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5 Effective Natural Remedies To Cure Haemorrhoids (Piles)

By: Luna Dewan

Are you witnessing a kind of bleeding while you are passing stool? If yes, then do not ignore it, as this might be the symptoms of piles (haemorrhoids).

It is the swellings that erupt around the anus and anal canal that lead to the formation of piles. It appears at the opening, called the anus at the lower part of the anal canal, from where the faeces generally pass.

To put it in simple terms, these eruptions appear at the anal canal's lining, which has a network of blood vessels. When these blood vessels become wider, it tends to overlap with the tissue forming more swelling, this is known as piles.

effective natural remedies for piles

When you look for its causes, for some, it erupts without any known reason or history. However, the major cause could be due to extreme pressure on the anus and anal canal.

It could just start off with the appearance of common symptoms like bleeding after you pass stool, which are not that painful.

But, in a few severe cases, people tend to experience pain that even leads to the discharge of mucus, irritation, itching around the anus and they also get the sense of fullness even after having visited the toilet.

There are several medications available for treating piles, but above all, natural remedies have been found to have an effective cure for it. Check out for five such effective natural remedies to cure piles, here.

1.Aloe Vera:
The anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera helps in providing a fast relief to those suffering from haemorrhoids (piles). You can just extract the aloe vera gel and apply it on the inflammed area. This helps in providing a good relief from the inflammation. Meanwhile, the gel can also be applied on the swollen veins directly.


2. Tea Tree Oil:
Take a few drops of tea tree oil along with a few drops of almond oil and apply it on the inflammed area. This not only helps in reducing the inflammation, but also helps shrink the piles when applied for a number of times.

Tea Tree Oil

3. Psyllium Seed:
Fibre-containing food helps to make the stools softer. So, these psyllium seeds which are rich in fibre, help those ailing with piles to pass the stool easily and these seeds also relieve the pain as well as bleeding.

Psyllium Seed

4. Mix Of Dried Mango Seed Powder And Honey:
For those ailing with piles, a natural mix of dried mango seed powder and honey can be given. This mixture if taken twice in a day can help in providing relief from the pain caused by piles.

mango seed powder with honey

5. Mix of Ginger, Mint Leaves, Lime Juice And Honey:
Ginger, mint leaves and honey are considered to be the best natural remedies for curing several diseases. For treating piles, one could mix one teaspoon of ginger and honey each with a few mint leaves and lime juice. Consuming this mixture at least twice or thrice in a day helps to ease the pain and swelling caused by piles.

ginger mint with lime juice

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Story first published: Saturday, May 21, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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