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Why You Can't Say No To Junk Food?

By Archana Mukherji

Especially junk food that contain too much of salt and sugar are very addictive. Researches have proved that women find it more difficult to get rid of junk food cravings than men.

Junk food addiction is very harmful to the offspring, when consumed by a pregnant woman. Consumption of junk food by a pregnant woman during the latter part of the pregnancy harms the child more than the consumption during early pregnancy.

Health Problems Junk Food Can Cause

The excessive salt and sugar content in junk food leads to so many diseases such as heart problems, strokes, diabetes, obesity or over weight, cancer, liver failure, skin problems and amputation of limbs.

Considering these harmful effects, is there a reason still why you can't say no to junk? Yes, there are reasons because junk food addiction is like a drug addiction, more harmful than smoking and drinking.

Harmful Effects Of Processed Foods

Recent studies have shown that food related issues are killing more people these days than smoking or drinking habits and also disabling innumerable people.

This article is specially designed for you to understand the reasons why you can't say no to junk food, once you get addicted to it.


When you start eating junk food, you start getting the cravings for the same. In other words, the brain automatically starts calling for these foods.

Even though we understand from deep within that these junk foods are unhealthy and are injurious to health, the other side of the brain tends to disagree the same and you finally end up consuming the junk foods again.

Though some people have the ability to control these cravings for junk food, most of them do not. In spite of making up their mind to keep themselves away from unhealthy food, the junk food addiction and cravings make them consume the same again and again.

Lack Of Will Power

People who have a strong will power are able to say “no” to junk foods easily. However, many people do not have the will power. This lack of will power makes them prone to junk food addiction easily.

They have a mindset that as long as they are healthy, let them not worry about stopping junk food consumption.

They leave it to time and decide to tackle the bad situations as they come in. They forget the rightly said proverb: Prevention is better than cure.

Reward System Of The Brain

Certain drugs of abuse like cocaine tend to stimulate the reward system of the brain and people who consume this, tend to lose control and keep consuming more and more of the same. This is also true with junk foods.

The salt and sugar content in these foods stimulate the reward system of the brain and make you eat more and more of these unhealthy foods.

Women are more prone to these junk foods and studies have proven that eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse the junk food preference in males but not females. This is because the brain area grows at its fastest during this time and is susceptible to alteration.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 1:04 [IST]
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