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Why Fever Increases During Night

By: Sneha A
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Fever is basically a response of the body to a developing illness. It is often accompanied by cold and body aches. In such a condition, the reasons are easily predictable and hence the treatment too is easy enough but then there are also times when assessing the reason of the fever is not easy. One such abnormal condition is when the body temperature rises only at night; however, during the day there is no fever at all. This results in uncomfortable sleep situations which tend to make you feel tired on the next day. There can be many reasons why fever increases in the night without any indication of it during the day.

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People may not take it seriously but the fact is that at times, such ignorance can turn into a life threatening condition. Even if your body is giving you no other sign except the night time fever, still you need to understand that it can be more than just fever and you need to get an appointment from your doctor. So, if you are experiencing anything as such, please read on to know about the 7 reasons behind fever at night and consult your doctor regarding your health condition.

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1. Allergic Reactions

One of the 7 reasons behind fever at night can be the allergic reactions caused due to any kind of a drug. The simplest of such allergies can cause people to suffer from fever at night and may be some redness and swelling as well. As this can worsen with time, it needs to get analysed by a doctor.


2. U.T.I

Urinary tract infection can also be the reason behind fever arising at night. However, it is accompanied with immense pain in the urinary tract and also a burning sensation while urinating. If you are suffering from these conditions, immediately consult your doctor.


3. Infection In Respiratory Tract

This is one of the most common causes of fevers. Common cold, an infection in the food pipe, larynx or bronchi can cause the body to respond with fever. Normally, these conditions subside in a few days. However; infections in the tract can take a bit longer to heal.


4. Skin Infections

Infections of any sort can cause the body temperature to rise. One among these is skin infection. If you have been suffering from skin infections and have been casual about it then they will definitely take a toll on the rest of your health. It is a must that you should get these checked and done with as soon as possible. Call up your doctor and get an appointment.


5. Inflammation

Inflammation in the body due to any kind of disease, ailment or allergy can lead to rising of core body temperature. If the situation persists for long, you need to contact your physiologist soon.


6. Connective Tissue Disorder

Certain connective tissue disorders like rheumatoid arthritis may also result in fevers accompanied with pain in the affected joints.


7. Stress

Stress and fatigue caused due to overwork in the day may at times lead to the person suffering from fever at night. Listen to your body and do not over exhaust yourself because if you do so, definitely your body will not be able to drag itself.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 7, 2015, 20:30 [IST]
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