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What Type OF Headache Do You Suffer From

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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When you say that your office work is giving you headache, you don't always mean it literally. But, when you face real headache, you know how painful the experience is. You may feel nausea. A simple ray of light or sound can get on your nerves. But all headaches are not same.

There are different types of headaches. When you go through headache, you probably take tablets to slow it down. Generally, aspirin is the most popular medicine for headaches. But, all headaches are not the same. So, the medicine can give you temporary relief, but no ultimate solution. Moreover, they can cause serious side effects.

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Now, having headache is one of the regular nuisances in your life. If you spend a stressful day, you can feel the pain at night. A sound sleep can solve your problem. But you have to check the regularity of headache. Does it happen every day? Or is it rebounding after certain time? If so, you must consult a physician to get permanent solution.

Experts suggest that there are 150 kinds of headache. Mentioning only 10 different types of headaches among those is kind of searching pearls from numerous shells. Still, you must be aware about different types of headache. Every type has a variety of symptoms. If you know those and the warning signs of headaches, you can combat with them easily.

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Here are 10 different types of headache. Go through carefully-


1. Migraines

Generally, women suffer from migraines. Due to inflammation in arteries and blood vessels of brain, you feel such severe headache. Usually, the pain starts from the temple area. You can feel a squeezing and throbbing effect on your head. Often people see aura which is a warning sign of migraine.


2. Sinus Headache

It is a kind of seasonal headache. If you have problem of sinus, every year you can go through a painful experience at the end of winter. With running nose and swelling face, you can have headache and watery eyes.


3. Tension-Type Headache

It is very common among different types of headaches. You can experience it after a super stressful day. Also it may happen regularly if you lead a tensed life. In this type, you can feel a continuous aching all over your head and also at your shoulder and neck.


4. Cluster Headache

Though this type of headache is rare, it mainly happens to men. You can sense the pain at your temple area of one side of your head. This one-sided unbearable pain creates a pressure at your eye. You can also feel swelling at eyelids, runny nose, excessive facial sweating etc.


5. Hormone Headaches

10 different types of headaches also include this. Due to sudden change in hormones during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, women often suffer from severe headaches. Also medicines like contraceptive pills can trigger hormonal changes which results in headaches.


6. Caffeine Withdrawal Headache

The name suggests the reason of headache. You can feel a throbbing sensation at your head. Only remedy of this type of headache is to have a cup of coffee or tea.


7. Dental Headaches

Often you may not find the actual reason of your headache. May be any dental problems like TMJ or bruxism is the cause of your serious headache. Also poor dental condition triggers facial pain and swelling. So, consider this among 10 different types of headaches.


8. Hangovers

The most common type of headaches and also can be cured easily than the other types. All of you know that excessive alcohol is the reason of clutching headache at morning. You can also feel numbness for some time. Nausea and red eyes are common symptom of such headaches.


9. Chronic Headaches

If you're thinking of 10 different types of headaches, this is one you can't avoid. It can happen to adults and children. If you go through headache at least 15 days of a month and again it recurs at the same time on next month, you are suffering from chronic headache.


10. Headache from Eye-strain

Too much watching TV, working long hours before computer or reading books without enough light can strain your eyes a lot. Such activities may cause headache which can stay for long. So, stop your children from watching TV for too long or spending time with video games.

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