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7 Ways To Improve Hygiene

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Maintaining hygiene is one of the basic aspects of healthy living. So, your lifestyle habits must also include hygiene apart from healthy eating and working out regularly.

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So, how to improve hygiene? Well, keeping things clean and washing your body regularly isn't rocket science but laziness may sometimes push us towards the wrong direction.

Washing your body, washing your clothes and washing your surroundings; these are the 3 basic ways to keep things clean.

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Though we can't eliminate all types of micro organisms just with washing, it is still important to follow clean practices as that may reduce the chances of getting infected often. Now, let us discuss about certain ways to improve hygiene.


Never Skip Shower

Bath regularly and if possible, washing yourself after a sweaty day also helps. But, bathing twice a day may dry up your skin; so don't over do it but keep your body clean.


Your Mobile Gets Dirty

A study indicated that mobile phones carry as many germs as the toilets. So wash your hands before eating food.


Wash Hands Thoroughly

Improving personal hygiene starts from washing your hands often. Of course, you don't need to keep washing your hands every now and then but it is important to do so before eating anything or after you go home from a public place. Your hands carry lots of germs; wash them clean.


Avoid Roadside Food

Most of the eateries on the streets don't follow hygienic practices. So, reduce your roadside eating.


Wash Your Clothes Regularly

Don't postpone washing clothes as your sweat and dirt on them may breed bacteria. Wear only washed clothes regularly.


Trim Your Nails

Your nails carry lots of germs and when you eat your food with your bare hands, those germs enter your system. Trimming your nails and keeping them short may help.


Keep Your Floor Clean

Cleaning your floor daily may help keep your home hygienic. Washing your house occasionally helps.

These are some ways to improve hygiene. If you have nay ideas, do share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, October 23, 2015, 21:03 [IST]
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