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Unknown Facts About Ears

Ear helps you to hear and maintain body balance. Human ears are designed in such a way so to aid in hearing. Ears are one of the sensitive organs of the body. Hearing helps you to communicate as it helps you to hear voices.

You must take proper care of your ears such as avoiding loud noises, putting cotton puffs or cotton sticks to clear the wax and avoiding excess use of ear phones as it causes ear infections.

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There are some interesting facts about ears that you must be aware of. The wax in the wars is a sort of protection to the ears. Any foreign body entering the ears is killed by this ear wax so that they do not enter inside the ear.

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding ears. Following are some of the unknown facts about hearing.

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Ears Are Self-Cleaning

The wax produced in the ears which is itself a protection for ears, when gets accumulated inside the ears is itself removed outside the ear with the help of tiny hairs inside the ears called as cilia.


Pop Sound Inside Ear

This sound is caused by yawning. Due to yawning the eustachian tube of the ear opens to stabilise the pressure in the middle ear to force air pressure outside the ear created by the yawn. This offers protection to the ears.


Ears Help In Body Balancing

Ears do not only helps in hearing but also creates a balance in the body so that you can stand properly and not fall. It also maintains a balance of the head. This balancing function is done by the vestibular apparatus of ear.


Motion Sickness

The vomiting and nauseating sensation caused due to travelling is not due to stomach problems. The vomiting reflux starts from the inner ear. Due to motion the balancing centre (vestibular apparatus) of the ears is disturbed, which causes vomiting.


Hearing Process Never Stops

Ears are always doing their work even during the sleep. The reason you do not hear during sleep is that Your brain is resting and shuts down the ability to hear anything but ears are not to be blamed for this. This is one of the cool facts about hearing.


Common Cause Of Deafness

When ears are subjected to loud sound i.e more than 86 decibels or higher, it causes loss of hearing. This type of deafness caused by loud noise is called as noise induced hearing loss. The normal sound volume for ear is around 60 decibels.


Minute Hairs Inside Ears Aid In Hearing

Minute hairs inside the ears enable you to hear sound. These tiny hairs transmit the sound waves to the brain. Your brain then analyses and understands the sound. Any damage in these tiny hairs inside ears results in haring loss. This hearing loss is permanent as these tiny hairs can't regrow.


Strange Sensation In Ears

When you visit to places that are at higher altitudes such as Leh and Ladakh regions or when you are travelling in air plane, you can't speak and hear properly as there is a strange sensation in the ears. This is caused because the Eustachian tube is unable to maintain balance in body pressure.

Story first published: Sunday, May 17, 2015, 10:04 [IST]
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