Try These 60 Second Stress Relievers

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Stress is nothing but the way you react to an external stimulus that disturbs your state of equilibrium. In simple words, stress is an integral part of life and it is often regarded as a silent-killer.

When your body undergoes stress, it triggers the "fight-or-flight" response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. This response is unhealthy and is one of the reasons why we fall prey to harmful diseases related to the heart and brain.


Stress disables your daily activities, especially in your office and social commitments. When the body is stressed, the mind fails to work. The brain is welcomed to rapid changes which make it difficult for the body to cooperate effectively.

To get rid of this disastrous feeling within 60 seconds, follow some of the remedies which work wonders to get rid of stress. These simple stress relievers when put into use, pacify the brain and the nervous system allowing the body to calm itself naturally.

When you are frazzled at work, try out 60 second tricks to reduce the stress levels. It is important to keep stress at bay, especially if you are an alcoholic or a smoker.

60 Seconds stress relievers:


Scented Candles

Inhaling the aroma of scented candles is one way to get rid of stress in less than 60 seconds. Room fresheners too are an ideal choice. This kind of aromatherapy helps control the stress hormone and thus reduces the level of stress in the body.


Take A Walk

If you are bogged out and stressed, take a walk. This simple remedy lowers the heart beat and naturally calms the entire nervous system in less than a minute.


Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply is also a perfect way to eliminate stress in the body. Practice yoga for 30 minutes everyday to keep stress at bay. This form of exercise strengthens the immunity and keeps other diseases at bay.


Sip On Green Tea

Green tea contains properties which help calm the two hormones related to stress. Sip on warm green tea to soothe your tensed mind. Green tea also aids in weight loss, and it is a healthy beverage for diabetics.


Relax The Shoulders

Try this 60 second stress reliever: Stand straight, with two feet together. Now, lift both shoulders up to your ears. Inhale deeply through your nose and pause as you exhale through the mouth. Drop the shoulders back down vigorously to shake off the tension/stress. Repeat this exercise five times till the body is at ease.


Warm Water To The Rescue

Sip on warm water to help calm the stressed nerves in the body. Warm water aids in soothing your rapid heart beat which prevents a heart attack.


Talk To A Loved One

Experts state that talking to a loved one helps in reducing stress within 60 seconds. It is based on the communication, understanding and bonding.

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