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Tips To Overcome Swine Flu

By Debdatta Mazumder

To fight a battle you need good and effective weapons. But when the enemy is stronger than you, only fighting cannot enlist your name in the list of great warriors. You need to pre-plan to defeat your enemy and also take precaution and prevention to keep your foes away. Swine flu is such kind of enemy. Only fighting with it is not enough. You need to build healthy habits and good lifestyle to fail all its attacks. Follow few tips to overcome swine flu in this article. Read on, to find more.

Now, what is swine flu? As the name suggests it is a kind of flu that happens to swine. In case of human it has killer effects. If not treated early, the disease can take the attire of epidemic. So without panicking you need to know how to improve immunity to over come swine flu. The virus that carries the germ of swine flu is H1N1. It spreads through breathing and if you come in contact to a carrier.

15 Best Home Remedies For Swine Flu

When such a disease knocks at your door, you become very conscious about your health. Otherwise you forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember, the lifestyle you lead makes you exposed to the virus of the disease. So if you build a strong immunity system by following certain tips to overcome swine flu, you will be benefited the most. How to improve immunity to overcome swine flu? To give the answer here are some useful tips to overcome swine flu-


Healthy Diet

To answer the question, how to improve immunity to overcome swine flu, concentration should be fallen on having healthy food habits. Check that you are having wholesome food means your food is a rich source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals like zinc.


Have Probiotics

When you really want to know how to improve immunity to overcome swine flu, follow this tip carefully. Probiotics means good bacteria that enters your body through some food, makes your immunity stronger and prevents any attack of enemy bacteria in your body.


Regular Exercise

This is too important among the tips to overcome swine flu. If you exercise regularly, the blood circulation is enhanced and immune cells can be spread throughout your body. Regular exercise also helps in discharging endorphins which stimulate the lymphatic system to release the blood cell.


Reduce Stress

This may sound absurd to you but you have to try. Increasing the stress level create severe impact on your immunity. If you stressed too much then the stress hormone starts to release which disturbs the job of thymus. As a result creation of immune cells in your body gets hampered.


Foods That Enhance Your Immunity

Brown rice, milk, eggs, garlic, good amount of green vegetables and lots of fruit- all these foods in your daily routine make your immunity system stronger as lots of vitamins and minerals are there.


Get Good Sleep

When you query about tips to overcome swine flu, you should not avoid this point. To maintain the appropriate function of your body, you need minimum seven hour sleep. An interrupted sleep results in releasing stress hormones which have acute negative impact on your immunity.


Wear Mask

As swine flu is spreading throughout the country, always wear mask before going out. Try to avoid dirty and filthy roads and not only your house but also try to keep your surroundings clean.

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