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13 Home Remedies For Teeth Shaking


Loose teeth is a disease that invades the tissues surrounding teeth. It also affects the bone supporting the teeth. Medically this condition is called as periodontum.

Fortunately, there are effective home remedies for loose teeth that we will share with you today.

In this diseases the fibrous tissue that connects the teeth with the bone becomes soft and fragile due to which the teeth shake.

The causes of teeth shaking are excessive teeth or gum cleaning, teeth infection treatment, orthodontic treatment such as bite adjustments, ageing, lack of oral hygiene, bacterial infection of gums and it may be inhered from family also.

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Symptoms of shaking teeth are loose teeth, discomfort while eating, red and swollen tissue surrounding the mobile teeth, toothache etc.

How to treat loose teeth naturally? Today, Boldsky will share with you some effective home remedies for loose teeth. Have a look at some natural cures for loose teeth.


Ensure Proper Oral Hygiene

This prevents from bacterial infection that can lead to shaking teeth. Always use a mouth wash and brush your teeth twice a day. You must always rinse your mouth after meals.


Black Pepper And Turmeric

They help to build stronger gums and thus prevent loose teeth. Make a paste of pepper powder and turmeric and massage gently on your gums. Eat your meals after 30 minutes of application. This will also relieve inflammation of gums.


Table Salt And Mustard Oil

This remedy will strengthen the gum thus preventing loose teeth. Mix one teaspoon of salt with some mustard oil and apply on your gums by gentle massaging. This is one of the best home remedies for loose teeth.


Amla Fruit

It is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps in healing of gums and tissues attached to teeth. This helps to prevent and cure lose teeth. Rinse your mouth with amla juice many times a day. You can also drink the juice.


Use Of Oregano Oil

It treats inflammation and pain of gums and tissues. Therefore it gives much relief from shaking teeth. Massage with oregano oil on your gums. It will heal teeth naturally and prevent teeth shaking.


Use Of Salt

Dissolve some salt in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it. It kills all the oral infections as salt has antiseptic properties. This will make your gums strong and prevent teeth shaking. This is one of the best natural cure for loose teeth.


Resort To Liquid Diet

If you feel pain while having solid food because of lose teeth, it is better to have warm vegetable or chicken soup. This will relieve pain and inflammation. It will also supply your body with nutrients that help you to fight with infection.


Use Of Peppermint Oil

It helps to relieve pain and inflammation of gums and thereby helps to treat shaking teeth. Massage gently with peppermint oil on your gums to get relief. This is one of the effective and safe home remedies for loose teeth.


Green Leafy Vegetables

How to treat loose teeth naturally? Have green leafy vegetables to treat loose teeth. They help to boost the immunity and thus help you to fight with the infection. Make it a habit to have green leafs in your diet as salad.


Avoid Acidic Fruits

Excessive intake of acidic fruits such as lemons can destroy the enamel of the teeth and expose the root which increases teeth sensitivity and teeth shaking.


Use Of Clove Oil

It is a well known remedy for teeth pain and inflammation of gums. It will help to strengthen he gums.

Massage on your gums to relieve inflammation and pain. This will help to fix loose teeth at home naturally.


Have Probiotics

How to tighten loose teeth naturally? Probiotics increase the growth and population of good bacteria in the gut. They in turn help to fight with the infections caused by harmful bacteria by boosting your immune system. You can have yoghurt to get the supply of probiotics.


Avoid Teeth Whitening Kits

They contain bleaching agents that destroy the enamel and root of your teeth. It also weakens tissues that attach teeth with the bone.

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