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10 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

By Ajanta Sen

Do you chuckle quite often? If not, then you may give it a thought to it from now onward. The reason is laughter is considered to be the best medicine to cure a myriad of ailments.

Have you ever noticed that a kid chuckles more than an adult? According to various researches, normally in a day children chuckle about 400 times, whereas the adults laugh only for 17 times.

Is Laughter A Good Medicine To Live Longer?

Nowadays many youngsters as well as aged people are joining laughter clubs to incorporate laughter in their daily lifestyle.

Comedy movies and comedy TV shows are also becoming more and popular these days because of the numerous benefits of laughter.

People are becoming more aware about the various health advantages of laughter. Thus, if you are still not aware of the benefits of laughter, then this article will enlighten you about the various pros of chuckling.

The following are the top 10 reasons why laughter is best medicine to deal with a number of health issues:


1. You Feel Good When You Laugh

When you laugh, it boosts the positive endorphins in your body, lowers your stress levels and reinforces your immune system.

Studies also say that even if you just await something hilarious; it can increase your anti-tumor and anti-viral resistances.

Hence, this is one of the reasons why laughter is the best medicine.


2. Laughing Increases Your Oxygen Levels

Laughing is really advantageous for people suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer. Cancer is a disease in which eats up the oxygen from your body.

Laughing boosts the levels of oxygen in your body and helps fight cancer.


3. Laughing Reduces Stress

When you are stressed, it depresses your immune system. When you laugh, it boosts your immunity and raises the T-cell count of your body. This is also a reason why laughter is best medicine.


4. Laughing Invigorates Your Right Brain

Laughing encourages your creativity and because of this you can make more ingenious decisions.


5. Laughter Relieves Depression

Laughter has been an age-old treatment for depressed people. When you laugh, it reduces your stress, tension, irritation and anxiety and all of these contribute to depression.

Thus, this is also one of the various reasons why laughter is the best medicine.


6. Laughing Cuts Down Your Cellular Decay Rate

When you laugh, it slows down your rate of ageing and this is why laughter is best medicine.


7. Laughing Knocks Down Your Blood Sugar Levels

Laughing brings down the blood sugar levels in your body. This enhances the glucose tolerance in non-diabetic as well as diabetic patients.


8. Laughing Relieves Pain

If you are suffering from a disease which involves painful tests and treatments, then laughing can be the best way to deal with this situation.

Watching comedy shows can help you make stronger and go through these painful treatments with more tolerance.


9. Laughing Keeps Heart Diseases At Bay

According to researchers, laughing can protect you against heart diseases.

This is why laughter is best medicine because when you laugh your blood vessels gets enlarged and hence the blood can flow more freely which lowers the risk of heart attack.


10. Laughing Massages Your Internal Body

Laughing massages your heart, thorax, lungs, diaphragm, liver and abdomen. This kind of internal massage boosts your immunity, relieves your stress, detoxifies your body and raises your metabolism.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 4, 2015, 15:03 [IST]
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