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Symptoms Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can occur in some people after having experienced a traumatic situation. It is natural that we all feel frightened, scared and tensed when we face certain difficult situations in our life. However, in normal cases, this can be resolved by solving the problem. People with PTSD usually continue experiencing the mental strain even several days after the incident has taken place.

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PTSD patients remember the same traumatic situation when they come across any of the senses like touch, smell, sight or sound, that was previously associated with the trauma. Also, they fear that the same can reoccur to them at any given time in the present or in the future.

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Knowing the symptoms of PTSD will help you identify whether you or any of your friends or relatives are going through this difficult situation. Most of the times, the person himself/herself will fail to identify if he/she is going through a condition such as PTSD.

Here, we will discuss more about the symptoms of PTSD. Read on to find more.


Re-experiencing The Trauma

The patient may feel like he/she is going through the same situation, whenever he/she gets a trigger from any factor associated with the incident. This is presented with typical symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating or headache.


Scary Dreams

Ofcourse, people with PTSD never get a good amount of sleep. As they wake up in the rapid eye movement stage of their sleep, they will remember their dreams. In most cases, these will be night mares that are connected to the traumatic incident.


Emotional Problems

Those who experience PTSD show changes in their emotional feelings. They become more sensitive, react unexpectedly and become short tempered easily. It can be difficult for them to handle their emotions with control.



This is commonly seen associated with anything that is related to the traumatic incidence that made an impact on the patient. He/she may try to stay away from everything that reminds him/her about the bad experience. This can be related places, objects, time or people.


Less Active

People who suffer from PTSD tend to be less active. They prefer to stay as an introvert. They lose interest even in the things that they were crazy about before the traumatic incidence. The intensity of the problem can be linked to the causes of PTSD.


Trouble With Memory

Since their brain thinks too much about the memory of the accident, people with PTSD find trouble in concentrating in other matters. This affects their cognitive skills and will distress their memory capacity. The extent can vary depending on the causes of PTSD.



It is common that we fail to find the reason behind the depression of people who suffer from it. But, depression can happen due to PTSD as well. It is important to notice people who are going through this depression, to find whether the trigger is any past experience.

Know what the symptoms of PTSD are, so that you can save a struggling life!

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