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Six Simple Ways To Cure Tiredness In The Morning


Have you ever felt that climbing out of your bed is the most tiring thing to do in the morning? Or, even after waking up, you just want to recline under your quilt for no reason? Well, this could be due to morning fatigue.

Unless it is due to some other serious illness, certain home remedies for tiredness in the morning can cure morning sluggishness. Insufficient sleep, poor diet,lifestyle and alcoholism are some of the common causes of fatigue.

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Some diseases like thyroid problems, Addison’s disease and fibromyalgia can also cause tiredness and sickness.

In order to get rid of morning tiredness, it is important to find out the correct reason. Knowing the cause, you can chuck out morning sluggishness or else try out some known remedies for tiredness in the morning.

Everyone feels fatigued after a hectic work schedule, which is quite normal. But, feeling exhausted even after a good night’s sleep or feeling tired even after not doing any work needs proper treatment.

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Determine the reason for feeling exhausted; whether it is physical or mental problems and try to work out certain known home remedies for tiredness in the morning accordingly.

Let us discuss some widely used remedies for tiredness in the morning.


Catch some good sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for having tiredness, especially in the morning. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Your body will eventually get used to the routine and you can wake up fresh.


Cold shower

Having a cold shower in the morning can do wonders to boost your energy level in the morning. Having cold baths will activate your nervous system and gives the necessary energy to start your day on a high note. This will improve the blood circulation throughout the body and reduces the tired feeling.


Rise early and do exercises

Go for a jog or do some exercises to get a rush of your adrenalin and improve your energy levels. Starting your day with simple exercise can boost your energy levels. Doing exercise will stimulate the flow of blood to your entire body. You will feel tired when the blood flow decreases, therefore do some proper and simple exercises to get rid of tiredness.


Tea or Coffee

Starting of with a hot cup of tea helps your body to rejuvenate. One of the best home remedies for tiredness in the morning is to have a cup of warm basil leaf tea. As basil leaf contains many antioxidants that helps you to regain your energy. Coffee contains caffeine which helps you to boost your energy levels.


Fruit Juice

Drinking a glass of fresh grapefruit juice can increase your energy levels. Also, lime juice which is rich in Vitamin C and contains citric acid is considered as one of the best remedies for tiredness in the morning. Fresh juice refreshes your body and lifts your body to get ready for the day.


Good breakfast

Eating a healthy break fast is all that required to kick-start your day. Including vegetable and juice in your daily breakfast will help you to regain the lost energy. Eating a balanced and healthy breakfast is one of the best home remedies for tiredness in the morning.

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