6 Foods That Worsen Headache

By: Bindu Gowda

Headaches are terrible! It is common for everyone these days. Most of us suffer from constant headaches everyday. There are certain foods which can worsen headaches. We love chocolates and coffee. But, are you aware of the fact that it is one of the things that contributes to headache? Consuming it large quantities could be injurious to your health.

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You should know the foods that you are sensitive to and should take care to avoid them to prevent the onset or worsening of headaches. Some people are sensitive to caffeine, while others are sensitive to chocolates and ice creams. In today's article, we at Boldsky have shared some of the food that you should avoid eating if you have headaches everyday. Take a look.



Bananas are widely eaten all over the world. It is packed with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. People usually prefer eating bananas for breakfast. But you should avoid eating this fruit if you have headache. Bananas contain a compound, tyramine, which is linked to headaches and migraines. This compound is likely to trigger and worsen the headache.



We all love coffee for its refreshing property. It keeps you alert and reduces your fatigue. If you consume more than 200 mg of coffee everyday you can get addicted to it. Such an addiction can lead to caffeine withdrawal which causes sleep deprivation and head ache.


Ice Cream

Do you love ice cream? Cold foods like ice creams can trigger headaches! According to a research, people often experience headache after eating an ice cream.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can trigger headache. It contains significant amount of caffeine which increases migraine headache.


Red Wine

Alcohol consumption is associated with dehydration, which is one of the reasons for headache. Red wine contains tyramine and tannins which is responsible for the headache.



Cheese also contain tyramine which is known to cause headache. Older the cheese, greater is the risk of headache.

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