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Simple Tips To Stop Hiccups At Home


Hiccups are involuntary, repetitive and uncontrollable contractions of the muscles of diaphragm. Diaphragm separates the chest from the abdomen and helps us in breathing.

Hiccups create an uneasy and annoying feeling. And they are embarrassing too as they might also create a sound. Some people frequently suffer from hiccups and some occasionally but we all face this problem some or the other time.

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Most of us have tried a lot of tricks to stop these repetitive hiccups but all in vain. Sometimes continuous hiccups may also cause abdominal pain and discomfort.

Some of the causes of hiccups are eating your food quickly, overeating, alcohol consumption, abdominal surgery, swallowing air, smoking, drinking hot tea or coffee followed by cold drinks.

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So lets understand some of the simple tips to cure hiccups instantly. These methods are safe and purely natural. They are easy and simple to follow and will give you a quick relief. These methods stimulate the vagus nerve to stop hiccups.

So how to stop hiccups naturally? Take a look at some of the natural ways to stop your hiccups quickly. Take a look:


Massage The Roof Of Your Mouth

Do this very carefully using a cotton ball. Massage slowly with it on your upper jaw's surface extending to the back of your throat to create the gag reflux. This will quickly stop your hiccups.


Peanut Butter

It stimulates the vagus nerve directly and stops your hiccups instantly. You can have peanut butter when you get hiccups and it is healthy too. This is a healthy tips to cure hiccups at home.


Eat A Spoonful Of Sugar

One of the easy and natural ways to stop hiccups is by having some sugar. It will help you to get rid of hiccups fast. Have a teaspoon of sugar, chew a little and swallow it.


Fingers In Your Ears

Put your finger inside each ear simultaneously and keep it inside for five minutes. Slightly push your finger inside but don't push it too hard as it might damage your ear. The branches of vagus nerve also extend in ear and fingers stimulate them to stop hiccups.


Drink Or Gargle Water

Drinking or gargling with water can interrupt the nerves causing hiccups, thus water can stop your hiccups. Drink it slowly and continuously to stop the regular hiccups. This is among the simple home remedies to stop hiccups naturally.


Hold Your Breath

Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as possible. This will stretch the diaphragm muscles and prevent it from contracting. Contraction of diaphragm causes hiccups and once the contraction stops, hiccups will stop automatically. Repeat this procedure a couple of times.


Scare Yourself

Being frightened stimulates the nerve causing hiccups. Do the things that you are scared of doing. If no other method of stopping hiccups works well for you, then you can try this. This may sound weird but it actually works well and is an instant cure for hiccups.


Breathe Into A Paper Bag

This will increase the carbon dioxide in your bloodstream and distracts your body from the hiccups because it will be focused toward getting rid of the accumulated carbon dioxide. This is also one of the best tip to deal with your hiccups instantly.


Take Antacid

Take a teaspoon of antacid particularly which is high in magnesium content. It will calm down the nerves causing hiccups. It will soothe the irritating nerves and quickly stop your hiccups.


Cough, Burp Or Sneeze

If you can manage to do any of the above stated things, they you can stop your hiccups immediately. These actions cause your diaphragm to constrict and thus stop hiccups.


Ice Cubes

Ice cubes soothe the irritated nerves and helps to stop the hiccups. Put an ice cube in your mouth or gently rub it on your face. Ask someone else to rub ice cube on your face without your knowledge. The sudden feeling of cold which you did not anticipate will put your hiccups to rest.

Story first published: Thursday, April 30, 2015, 14:46 [IST]
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