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Signs Of Low Testosterone In Women

By Debdatta Mazumber

Popularly, testosterone is known as a male hormone which is produced in male testes. What are the features of this steroid hormone? Actually, it is the hormone which is responsible for men’s sex drive. It starts working from puberty and continues till the middle age. This hormone not only enhances the sperm production but also have an effect on bones and muscles.

10 Warning Signs Of Low Testosterone

But it will be a mistake if you think it to be exclusively a male hormone and that women have nothing to do with it. Basically, it is also produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women and plays an important role to keep them lively. Sexual life and health of a woman can deteriorate with the sudden dropping of testosterone. To continue your healthy body functioning, every hormone should play their role positively. Any sudden change can make you unhealthy. What are the signs of low testosterone in women?

Facts A Woman Should Know About Her Sexual Health

Usually, the secretion of testosterone starts in a woman’s body during puberty just like men. With the growing age, it becomes powerful. During pregnancy, the testosterone level increases a lot. After middle age, the level starts to dip and leads you to menopause with other hormones of your body. That’s quite natural. But if it starts to decrease at early age, you need to consult physician. Do you have any idea about the signs of low testosterone in women? Read on to know more-


1. Fatigue

There are many signs of low testosterone in women. If a lady suddenly feel tired after a simple work and she doesn't have the energy to buck up, low testosterone can be a reason of that. If you notice you're not feeling energetic even after a good sleep, consult your doctor.


2. Gaining Weight

What are the signs of low testosterone in women? With the decreasing levels of testosterone, it is very common to lose muscle mass and gaining weight. Often women don't understand why their efforts of losing weight are going in vain. Lacking testosterone can be a reason.


3. Lacking Sleep

Though it is not clear how lower testosterone level is related to insomnia, researchers say that decreasing levels of this hormone affects other hormones which cause restful sleep. So, if you're suffering from sleep apnea or insomnia, don't delay to find the actual reason.


4. Less Sex Drive

Like men, it is one of the most important signs of low testosterone in women. Decreased level of testosterone can cause reduced sex interest, vaginal dryness that causes painful intercourse etc. To know the correct reason, go to your physician.


5. Depression

Do you know what are the signs of low testosterone in women? Are you feeling depressed for no particular reason? Is your mood swing making problems for people around you or your unexplained low mood ruining your life? Beware, these all can happen due to low testosterone.


6. Osteoporosis

Testosterone plays an important part in bonegrowth and maintaining the strength of the bones. If your body has decreased amounts of this hormone than usual, your bones can be vulnerable to osteoporosis.


7. Anxiety

Though there are lots of reasons of this, it is definitely one of the signs of low testosterone in women. Experts say that this hormone is essential to maintain neuropsychiatric regulations. When the level starts to drop, feelings like panic, anxiety, stress etc. can increase.


8. Irregular Periods

The list of signs of low testosterone in women won't be complete if you ignore this point. From the age of 40, you are going towards your menopause and that's normal. But if you face any irregularity and lesser periods than usual when you are young, that's definitely a sign of low testosterone.

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