Alert: Even Passive Smoking Causes Infertility And Early Menopause!

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A new study declared that even passive smoking can cause infertility and might lead to early menopause. Women who smoke excessively have higher chances of experiencing menopause at least 1-2 years earlier. The surprising fact is: even passive smokers are at this risk!

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Woman Smoking

Compared to non-smokers and non passive smokers, the risk seems to be high in smokers and passive smokers. When health experts tried to study the link between health of women and smoking (both active and passive), they found out that women should stay away from all kinds of smoking for health reasons.

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Mother Smoking

The Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke
The problem with tobacco is that the toxins in it affect the reproductive system at various levels and added to that, they also disturb the hormonal activity in the body according to this study.

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Dangers

Health experts closely studied the smoking habits and fertility issues and also the time of menopause of nearly a hundred thousand women as a part of this research.

The findings of this study clearly proved that the risk of early menopause and infertility increases when a person is exposed to tobacco smoke in any way.

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Girl Smokes

Risk of fertility issues is said to be around 15% higher in smokers compared to those who never smoked. The risk of early menopause is said to be around 25% in smokers compared to those who don't smoke.

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Puffing

Health experts were surprised when they saw menopause hitting nearly 2 years earlier in heavy smokers. This was common in women who started smoking since puberty. When it comes to women who smoked more than two packs a day, they experienced their menopause nearly 18 months before the actual age.

Side Effects Of Secondhand Smoke- Cigarette

When it comes to passive smokers, they are said to experience their menopause at least a year before the actual age.
So, now we have another good reason to say goodbye to that poisonous puff. And we have another reason to stay away from smokers. Help your loved ones to quit because you need to stay away from passive smoking too.

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