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Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Papaya Seeds

By: Ajanta Sen
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Papaya seeds are thrown away by a majority of people because they do not know how safe papaya seeds are for health. Papaya seeds are safe to eat and incorporating them in small amounts in your daily diet can be beneficial for you.

Before chewing papaya seeds, always remember that they have an intense flavour. They taste somewhere between black peppercorns and mustard. Once you can deal with the strong taste of these seeds, they are going to furnish you with some great health benefits.

In order to use these seeds, you need a fresh papaya. Then scrape out its seeds and keep them in a sealed container. Keep this container in your freezer.

You can keep the seeds for many months; however, make sure to defrost them before using them.

Papaya seeds are rich in carpaine which is an anthelmintic alkaloid. This chemical flushes out the parasites from your intestines.

However, excess consumption of papaya seeds can have the reverse effect. Carpaine when taken in large amounts can disturb the function of your nervous system.

According to researches, papaya seeds contain various nutrients that can improve your health. Studies also say that there are many countries in the world that use papaya seeds to treat numerous diseases and boost immunity.

Given below are some unbelievable health benefits that will prove how safe papaya seeds are for health:


Antibacterial Property

Due to its antibacterial property, papaya seeds can kill harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus, E. Coli and Salmonella species. Thus, these seeds can be used to treat food poisoning.



Papaya seeds are rich in the presence of agents that can stop the development of tumours and cancer cells. These seeds also include isothiocyanate that works wonders in treating lung, colon, prostate, leukaemia and breast cancer.


Kidney Disease

Researches also say that papaya seeds prove to be great for curing kidney disease and warding off renal failure. These seeds are excellent for particularly treating the kidney disease linked with poisoning.


Viral Infections

Due to their anti-viral properties, papaya seeds are great in treating viral infections. These seeds are widely used in many countries to treat the infections of dengue fever as well.



Papaya seeds include "carpaine", which is an alkaloid that destroys amoeba, parasites and other intestinal worms. According to some studies, drinking the juice of papaya seeds for 7 days can help you chuck out about 75 percent of parasites from your body.


Natural Contraceptives

Papaya seeds have the ability to decrease the sperm production in men. Men can consume one teaspoon of these seeds every day for 3 months to get the desired results. If you want to regain your fertility, just stop taking these seeds. Thus, papaya seeds act as a superb natural contraceptive for both men and women with no side effects.


Liver Health

Papaya seeds include some essential nutrients that help to cure liver cirrhosis. Take 5-6 papaya seeds and grind them with a fruit juice. Take this for a month to get excellent results. Daily consumption of tiny amounts of papaya seeds can help in liver detoxification and prevent liver disease.

Thus, from the aforementioned points, there is no doubt that papaya seeds are excellent for health. However, some studies also say that there are some side effects of them as well.

So, you might be thinking if papaya seeds are harmful for the health? Note that papaya seeds contain benzyl isothiocyanate, and if these seeds are consumed in high doses, it can lead to poisoning.

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