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What Happens When You Drink Too Much Lemon Juice

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Lemon juice is something that is loved by everyone. It can be the cold lemon juice during summers or lemon and honey for weight loss.

Lemons are well known for its various health benefits that can't be ignored. However, as you might know that "excess of everything is bad" so the same applies for lemon juice.

Beauty Tricks With Lemon

It is a human nature to use anything in excess after knowing about its amazing health benefits. However, you must know the health implications before consuming anything in excess.

There is no doubt that drinking lemon juice early morning helps to cleanse your system, aids in weight loss and makes your skin glowing. But you must be aware of the side effects of drinking excess lemon juice.

Lemon Peel For Joint Pain And Other Health Benefits

It will be shocking to know that lemon juice taken in an excess quantity can cause many health issues.

So lets share some of the side effects of lemon juice when taken in excess.



Drinking too much of lemon juice increases the risk of acidity, heartburn and acid reflux. If you are already having such problems then lemon juice can worsen the condition. You must avoid or limit your lemon consumption if your are having hyper-acidity.


Stomach Ulcers

The acidic nature of lemon juice irritates the stomach lining and may aggravate ulcers. The ulcer will not heal and will start to bleed from inside. This can cause intense pain and many other complications as well. People who are already suffering from ulcer must avoid lemon juice.


Indigestion & Stomach Pain

Lemon juice may sometimes help you in the digestion of food. However, if it is taken in excess, the acidity in lemon juice irritates your stomach causing nausea, stomach ache, vomiting, acid reflux and a feeling of fullness. To avoid this, drink lemon juice after your meals or dilute it with more water.


Frequent Urination & Dehydration

Lemons are rich in vitamin C which increase the production and frequency of urination. Drinking a lot of lemon juice will cause the need to urinate frequently and that too in large volume. This may lead to dehydration as well.


Kidney Or Gall Bladder Problems

Lemon peels contain oxalates which accumulates to form crystals in kidney and gall bladder. People who already have kidney and gall bladder stones must avoid lemon juice as it may aggravate the condition.


Precautions With Lemon Juice

Do not drink lemon juice to treat any medical condition without consulting your doctor. Don't drink excess of lemon juice at one time. If you experience any kind of side effects after drinking then stop drinking it immediately. Don't drink lemon just for the sake of vitamin C intake. There are many other good sources of this vitamin which do not have any side effects.


Lemons may also be wax coated

Be aware! Commercial lemons are coated with wax from outside to protect them from bruising during shipping. This wax may be accidentally ingested by you while squeezing them as some quantity may get leached into the lemon juice. Wax has many harmful effects in the body.

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