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7 Reasons Why Bacon Is Unhealthy

Recently, the World Health Organization announced that consuming processed meat such as bacon and hot dogs can eventually lead to deadly diseases like cancer. Bacon is a favorite food for many; however, at the same time, too much of bacon consumption has severe health hazards associated with it.

Bacon contains saturated fats, which when consumed in excess can lead to cardiac diseases. Bacon doesn't have a good nutrition value. The sodium content in it causes high blood pressure. Heavy consumption of processed meat is associated with poor health. A study has revealed that consuming a bacon per day can increase the risk of death. Bacon is rich in saturated fatty acids. Eating foods rich in saturated fats, increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The nitrates present in bacon can damage the blood vessels and can even cause diabetes in a few people.

In this article, we at Boldsky are listing out some of the reasons why you should avoid unhealthy foods such as bacon and hot dogs in your everyday diet. Read on to know more about it.


Contains A Lot Of Bad Fats

Bacon contains a huge amount of unhealthy fats that can lead to severe health-related issues. The fat present in it causes blockage in the arteries. It also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


It Is Loaded With Salt

A single slice of bacon contains high amount of sodium in it. Eating too much of salt increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and heart diseases.


It Is Linked To Lung Cancer

Processed meat, including bacon, leads to developing a greater risk of certain cancers. Consumption of processed meat is associated with developing lung cancer in both men and women.


Contains Harmful Nitrates

Bacon also contains nitrates that are used as a preservative to improve the flavour of meat. Too much of nitrate consumption can harden the arteries and damage the blood vessels. Nitrates are also linked to the development of diabetes.


Causes Allergic Reactions

The preservatives used in bacon can cause certain allergic reactions and this in turn can trigger asthma attacks. hence, asthmatic people are usually asked to avoid bacon.


Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Consuming too much of processed foods like bacon can eventually increase the risk of developing diabetes.


Triggers Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Eating too much of bacon can alters the balance of microorganisms in the gut, hence triggering the inflammatory bowel disease.

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