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7 Health Hazards Of Microwave Oven


The use of microwave oven has become so common in our day to day life that we can't prepare anything in our kitchen without it. From warming food to making cakes it has become a daily necessity of life. However we overlook the health hazards of microwave oven.

There are many health hazards of microwave oven that we will share with you today. It can destroy the nutrition value of your food and on high temperature it can cause your food to convert into cancer causing substances.

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Is cooking in microwave oven safe? Today, Boldsky will share with you some heath health hazards of microwave oven. Have a look at some harmful effects of microwave cooking.


Depletion Of Vitamin B12 In Foods

Foods containing vitamin B 12 such as fish, liver etc when put in microwave for cooking loose their vitamin B 12 level. They are rendered vitamin less as the heat of microwave destroys it. This is one of the bad effects of microwave oven on food.


Destroys Breast Milk

Frozen human breast milk when put in microwave loose all it's nutritional valve and the bacteria fighting agents in breast milk (antibodies) are also killed.


Microwave Destroys Overall Food Nutritional

The high heat radiations in microwave destroy all the nutrition value of food. It destroys all proteins, vitamins and minerals in food. This is one of the microwave radiation effects on food.


Microwaves Create Carcinogens In Food

When food in plastic containers is heated or prepared in microwave oven, these plastic containers release toxic cancer causing substances. These substances leach into the food inside the plastic containers.


Microwaves Can Blood Composition

Microwave heated milk and vegetables decrease red blood cells (RBC's) and increase white blood cells. The cholesterol levels have also been shown to increase. This health hazards of microwave oven in body.


Microwaves Can Change Your Heart Rate

Is cooking in microwave oven safe? The radiations emitted from microwave oven. You must discontinue microwave prepared food if you experience irregular heart beat and chest pain. This is also among the microwave negative effects.


Microwaves Can Decrease Immunity

Since the food is deprived of nutrition and anti oxidants, therefore it also affects immune system. You must prefer heating in microwave at low temperature. This is one of the harmful effects of microwave cooking.

Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2015, 11:37 [IST]
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